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A Note from Marianne Williamson

Dear Friend,

With so much political activation now occurring in the United States, many of us wish to place our personal energy in the service of what is best for our country.

Throughout our history, Americans have done so in very powerful ways. Whether it was Abolitionists leading to the abolition of slavery, or Suffragettes gaining women the right to vote, or the Civil Rights movement leading to the end of segregation and institutionalized white supremacy in the South, other generations before us have risen up to put America back on track at times when as a country we had gone astray.

And now it is our turn.

Where some have sown hatred, let us now sow love.

This is an important year — the midterm elections of 2018 could not be more critical — but we must do more than just address external political issues. We must address the deeper, internal causes that have led to our political dysfunction. We cannot just water the leaves of our democracy; we must water it at the roots.

And those roots are inside us. We need a new, whole-person politics that stems not just from the head but from the heart, not just from intellectual understanding but from a genuine love for our country, and with reverence for the possibilities for self-actualization that democracy at its best affords to all. Like any relationship, our relationship to democracy cannot be taken for granted; it must be tended to. We have as much responsibility to it as it has to us.

We will transform our country through our willingness to transform our relationship to it. Our own disconnection from the political process, lack of knowledge of how our system operates, lack of understanding of our history, and confusion about many of the issues that confront us now, have led in too many cases to a dangerous emotional disconnection between our country and ourselves.

Thank you for joining me in what I know can be an extraordinary gathering of energy. We will make a meaningful contribution to the joyful, fierce and disruptive energies that are rising up at this amazing point in time. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “we must think anew, and act anew… and then we shall save our country.”

I am touring the country this year, discussing how a revolution in consciousness paves the way to both personal and political renewal. Click here for a list of the cities so far scheduled for THE LOVE AMERICA TOUR. Please sign our e-list, and keep coming back for an update!

I look forward to the journey ahead.

With love,
Marianne Williamson



Detroit, Michigan
Friday, June 8; 7:00pm

Please join Marianne at the Detroit Unity Temple on Friday, June 8 at 7:00pm. Optional reception at 5:45pm.

Details here

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