Down With Tyranny, January 22, 2018

Marianne Williamson And Bernie Sanders– Taking To The Road To Help Save America

A little over a month ago we looked at Marianne Williamson’s plans for a national tour– the Love America Your. It’s not a plan anymore. She’s right in the middle of it, having completed events in Richmond, Winston-Salem (with Jenny Marshall), Houston, Austin (with Derrick Crowe) and Las Vegas. She’s taking a break now and then picking up again in Florida in March.

But her event in Houston was very special– even mind-blowing– and it was covered by two Houston Chronicle reporters, one black (Joy Sewing) and one white (Erica Grieder). “Marianne Williamson walked to the middle of the stage,” wrote Sewing, “paused for a second, then she asked all the black people to stand.” There were nearly a thousand people in the room and 200, including Sewing, stood up.


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