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Mike has fought to make a difference in WV. As a WV State Legislator for six years, Mike worked hard to try and bring balance between preserving jobs and protecting our environment. He worked with all interested parties to preserve the jobs we already have while working to improve WVs climate to attract new jobs and industry into our State, as well as holding those who put the health of our communities and environment at risk from pollution and carelessness accountable.

During the biggest chemical spill in West Virginia’s history, as Chairman of the Joint Oversight Commission on the State’s Water Resources, Mike fought to bring accountability to all responsible parties for the spill. While investigating the chemical spill, Mike worked with State and Federal officials to become informed and worked on solutions to craft Legislation to prevent spills like this from ever happening again.

Mike has been a champion of the people, working to improve the lives of our Seniors, Families, Children, Veterans, Farmers and all West Virginians. Working within the community, Mike has been instrumental in developing organizations and programs that help improve the community. In 1999 Mike Founded an Environmental group called Global Impact which promotes and advocates for conservation and recycling issues. Not long after that Mike was asked to become a Board member of the Northern West Virginia Centers for Independent Living, an advocacy organization that fights for the rights of the aged and disabled communities. Being active in the community is something Mike embraces fully and is a Founding member of several organizations including the Tygart Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Tygart Valley Child Advocacy Center, Project HOP2E Food Bank, and the Taylor County Farmers Market. He also sits on the Board of Directors of each organization including the Tygart Lake State Park Foundation, Taylor County Collaborative Family Resource Network, Taylor County Substance Abuse Task Force, and the Monongalia Solid Waste Task Force.

In order to improve West Virginia’s economy, Mike has worked hard to find ways to diversify our economy to bring more sustainable jobs and industry to WV so we don’t have to rely solely on the extractive industries to be the only driving force for jobs within our borders.

Mike has also worked hard to get a Compassionate Medical Cannabis Use bill passed to allow Doctors the authority to recommend cannabis to patients who suffer from chronic and terminal illnesses, and using the taxes collected from the sales to promote substance abuse prevention programs in our schools and drug treatment programs in our communities!

Defending our communities from irresponsible gas drillers, Mike was instrumental in developing common sense legislation to help regulate the Marcellus gas drilling industry to protect industry workers, neighbors, and our environment from potential irresponsible Marcellus drilling practices along with the high volumes of traffic required to extract these natural resources.

Mike is also a proponent of GMO labeling so our citizens have more transparency and awareness of the food that they purchase and eat, overturning Citizens United, reinstating the Glass Steagall Act to protect our citizens federally insured savings, fighting discrimination against all people, increasing minimum wage, protecting women and worker’s rights, and eliminating corporate welfare.

These are just a few of the common sense approaches Mike has proposed to help WV and her citizens.

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