Congresswoman Donna Edwards

donna_edwardsDonna Edwards is a unique voice who will always put working families first. As the first African American woman ever elected to Congress in Maryland, she has taken on special interests from Wall Street to the NRA — and those who protect them — fought to protect and expand Medicare and Social Security, and worked to get big, corporate money out of politics.

As a single African American mom, Donna’s seen how special interests can dismantle the middle class and hurt our most vulnerable. She’s never shied away from fighting back. That’s why she stood up to big developers and special interests in Prince George’s County to protect union jobs, build 400 family homes, and provide safe, reliable access to the natural environment.

In Congress, Donna’s been a progressive fighter for women’s reproductive rights, never compromising on a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion. She’s championed equal pay for equal work, authored legislation to support 10,000 Maryland jobs as a Ranking Member of the Space, Science, and Technology Committee, and ensured that thousands of meals have been served to low-income students across our state. And as the daughter of an Air Force Dad, she knows we must keep our promise to those who serve.

In the Senate, Donna will carry on Senator Mikulski’s legacy of women leadership in Maryland. She will fight to create well-paying middle class jobs, get guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, address income inequality, provide debt-free college, and make critical investments in education for our students.

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