Free Live Video Call with Marianne

mwralstenDear Friends,

In answer to many of the questions we’ve received about the SISTER GIANT Conference, I’ll be holding a Free Live Video Call next Tuesday, March 17, at 6pm PT/ 9pm ET. A replay of the call will be sent everyone who registers, so please register here even if you can’t attend the call live.

SISTER GIANT is like political base camp for the transformational community, a place to discuss political issues within a context of a more enlightened conversation than the one that prevails within it now. Some of the most informed and enlightening voices in America will be joining us for the weekend, casting light on important issues such as getting money out of politics, racial inequality and mass incarceration, the corruption of our food supply, and how to forge a movement of independent political voices.

Our task as conscious citizens is to bring our civilization into alignment with our hearts. Part seminar, part conference, and in all ways powerful, SISTER GIANT will be a great burst of light and I hope you will be there, live or via livestream. Join me next Tuesday and I’ll tell you more.

All my best,


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