Free Online Progressive Candidate Summit | Part 3

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Welcome to the Free Online Progressive Candidate Summit. Please click the images to the right to learn more about the candidates presented.

With the Presidential election in full swing, we can be tempted to minimize the importance of our Congressional elections. But they’re equally important, because Congress is a co-equal branch of the government. We need a political revolution in Congress as much as we need it in the White House!

Please remember that the candidates in our Summit represent the interests of the people. The only way they can mount credible campaigns is if we, the people, help them…

  • Bobby Devarona

    There is a new progressive candidate in NJ’s 8th district! His name is Eloy J. Delgado and you can look at his website at


    I am born July 7, one day away, and have learned to trust the journeys we might be sent on to go deeper into knowledge of where there is Truth and where there is loss of freedom or truth. Please note, outside of the popularity panels, invite those unknown who are making real shifts for millions of mothers as example or college students denied freedoms or breached public duty support when required, as a nation that is many in body and one in mind recognizes quality of all and knows team work is more than finding faults of political candidates but teaming up A.S-1! THIS CAMPAIGN NEEDS ENDORSEMENT – INVITE US TO PANELS AND SUPPORT

  • Indigo
  • Indigo

    Mahalo Marianne….You inspire me since OWN TV interviewed me and I agree us Cancerian Women are not always the easiest ones to understand, but we have endurance and staying power to not walk away and to manifest shifts in lives. No one can make us less then unless we allow them to…and I fly higher every time. Women have a responsibility to one another to be approachable to build trust in our Nation. I study your books so much the last year for a reason!

  • Indigo

    you are giving…thank you, but remember those over 35 have alot to give too – experience!!!!!!

  • Mario A Leblanc

    TPP is the Fast Track to Hell! Alan Grayson

  • Indigo

    Can we post topics we wish to discuss with Candidates? White Collar Crime (Govt Agency Neglect) aka “Breach of Public Duty” is a very large one! Senior Financial Elder Abuse if 9 Billion in Nation in 2015. Addressing Corrupt Govt Agencies (DCS) is the next one.

  • Tala O’Connor

    Thank you, Team Marianne. Sent you an e-mail a few minutes ago. You’re the best!

  • Laurie Marshall DiBenedetto

    Fantastic. Loved it.

  • msartnsoul

    Whoohoo! thanks for the opportunity to be part of the big picture. These candidates fuel my faith in democracy. I’m sure my patron Saint Jefferson is smiling ear to ear

  • Marianne Williamson

    I hope so:)

  • Dario Nalis

    I love universal health care – the idea of it. BUT, everything that the government does is by definition established by force. If you make a law on something, it means that everyone who doesn’t conform will be forced to conform by guns. Are there any ideas for universal healthcare that do not involve forcing universal healthcare on the people?

  • Irene B

    Thanks much ❤️ 🙂 !

  • Jody

    Thank you, Marianne. This is a great site. I heard about it from Howie Klein when he was a guest on Nicole Sandler’s Radio or Not.

  • Judy Frankel

    This is great, AND we need to fix the corruption by asking these candidates to sign the Pledge for Honest Candidates that overturns Citizens United, institutes the American Anti-Corruption Act, gets rid of gerrymandering and electronic voting (in favor of paper ballots). It’s not enough to just talk about the issues; this is the cause of our time.

  • Dylan Cate

    Hey Marianne! There’s an incredible progressive Cuban-American candidate running for Congress in Washington State. His name is Brady Piñero Walkinshaw, and he’s built a pretty incredible grassroots operation since he announced he would take on a 29-year incumbent last December. Check him out at – I hope you’ll interview him!

  • sayke

    I want to second the mention of Brady Walkinshaw, who is a very interesting young progressive running for WA-7. He actually ran first, convincing the 30-year incumbent that it was time to leave, and then Pramilla Jayapal ran against him. If elected, he would be the only gay Latino and the youngest Democrat in Congress, and he has an amazing legislative track record. Check it out =)