Letter To Sister Giants

Dear Sister Giants,

After the horrific events in Connecticut this week, we have much to think about both spiritually and politically. The problem of violence in America is obviously a multi-dimensional issue with many root causes, and it will take all of our efforts – both individually and collectively – to create the peaceful world in which such horrors do not exist. We will only end the culture of violence in the United States when we commit to the creation of a culture of peace.

Sister Giant’s call is to work from the inside out. We view politics from a holistic perspective, seeking to address the internal, causal aspects of an issue as well as its external symptoms. From the psychological and spiritual to the legislative and institutional, we seek a deeper understanding of our problems and a greater effectiveness at dealing with them. Violence in America is a risk to all, calling each of us to do both the inner and the outer work to nullify and transform it.

First, given the tragedy of the events in Newtown, let’s pray….


Prayer for Connecticut
For those who bear tonight the unbearable burden
of unimaginable grief,
who in their agony yell at the forces of fate…
For those who moan and those who faint,
for those who rage and those who pray,
we moan and pray along with you.
For tonight, those were our children too.
Dear God, May a legion of angels
come upon these parents.
Bring to them an otherworldly touch,
an otherworldly comfort,
an otherworldly sense that their children are well —
that they are safe with God
and shall be with them always.
Give to those who grieve what no mortal can give…
the touch of Your Hand upon their heart.
May all touched by this darkness
be Lit by Your grace.
Please wipe away all tears, dear God.
as only You can do.

And now to the work we must do in the world…

Our next Sister Giant Conference call will be on the topic of guns. Our guest will be Adam Winkler, author of GUNFIGHT: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America (View on Amazon).
Many of you will remember Adam from the Sister Giant weekend, as he was our hugely compelling speaker on the topic of Citizens United and money in American politics.

The call will take place on January 9, at 6pm PST/9pm EST. It will last one hour.

If you did not have a chance to be on our first conference call, on the topic of Peace in the Middle Peace with Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish and Rabbi Michael Lerner, please listen here.

Please stay tuned via our website (www.sistergiant.com) and Facebook page for the ever-evolving ways we can join together to learn, grow and form a serious force of love in action.

All our best,
Marianne Williamson
and the Sister Giant Team


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