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PaulClementsPaul Clements understands that our economy must work in a way that benefits all Americans. It doesn’t have to benefit poor and working class Americans at the expense of the wealthy, but it can no longer afford to benefit wealthy Americans at the expense of the poor and middle class.  As Professor of Political Science at Western Michigan University, Paul teaches national economic and social development strategies dealing with ways government can best promote economic growth and create fair and effective programs.

Paul worked as a fast food worker to help pay his way through Harvard University where he received his BA in Social Studies.  After graduating, Paul became a Peace Corps Volunteer. Paul went on to receive his Ph.D from Princeton University.  A founder of the doctoral program in evaluation, Paul has carried out program evaluations and consulted on evaluation systems across the U.S. and around the world. In the Peace Corps, Paul saw how a little assistance and a lot of hard work and political will can improve a challenging situation.  The Peace Corps works to build social and economic infrastructure and to train local men and women to sustain that infrastructure themselves.

Paul believes these tenets should be translated to the United States.  Our basic infrastructure is lagging behind. In particular, we need a new manufacturing infrastructure, and we need Americans to build it and run it. In order to achieve our goals, government, business, and labor must work together to rebuild manufacturing here at home. Manufacturing was the basis of our prosperity in the 20th century, and it can be again in the 21st.

In Congress, Paul will work alongside anyone, regardless of party, as long as they share his interest in getting things done for middle-class families. At Western Michigan, Paul co-chairs the Working Group on Climate Change and has made environmental issues a central focus of his campaign. He believes our economy will work best when it is oriented to long-term sustainability and when it builds on the capabilities of all our people. Paul understands that the working families in Michigan’s 6th Congressional district are the backbone of the local economy. Unfortunately, for more than two decades Southwest Michigan has been underserved by a career politician who has lost touch with the needs of Michigan families.

We need a Congressman who will work to better the lives of residents in Southwest Michigan, creating good, sustainable jobs; who will fight to make education and job training affordable and accessible, and who will stop denying the devastating effects of global warming, and instead be a positive force to help reverse it.

Paul lives in Kalamazoo with his wife Aedin and has two daughters.  He is active with his local church and volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and his local food pantry.

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