Roger Wolfson

Roger Wolfson is a TV and film writer, an attorney, and speechwriter.robertwolfson

He currently is the head writer for a new TV drama on Sony’s streaming network, Crackle, that will premier in the Fall of 2017. Formerly, he’s written for “Law and Order: SVU,” “Saving Grace,” and “The Closer,” where one of his episodes earned Kyra Sedgwick an Emmy Nomination. He has developed and sold eight TV pilots of his own, to CBS, ABC, USA, Bravo, and Lifetime, with producers such as Charlize Theron, Denis Leary, and Tim Kring.

Wolfson has also worked as counsel and speechwriter for U.S. Senators Joe Lieberman, John Kerry, Paul Wellstone, and Ted Kennedy. He currently serves as speechwriter to some of the highest profile Democrats in the country.

As an attorney, Wolfson has worked for several law firms, including Lieberman, Segalof, and Wolfson, the firm his mother and Senator Lieberman founded.   Wolfson earned his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was Editor of the University of Pennsylvania Comparative Labor Law Journal, his Masters in Writing from Johns Hopkins, and his Bachelors in Theater from Vassar, with highest academic honors.   He is a member of the bars of New York, Connecticut, Washington, DC, and the US Supreme Court.

In 2014, Mayor Eric Garcetti appointed Wolfson to be Commissioner of Animal Services for the city of Los Angeles, a volunteer position. During Wolfson’s tenure, Los Angeles has moved aggressively in the direction of No-Kill, and is expected to hit that mark in mid-2017.

For twelve years, Wolfson lived on a sailboat, Kinship II, which he sailed on both the East and West Coasts of the United States. He now lives in Silver Lake, and has built an amphitheater on his property, in which he holds free events, lectures, and plays for his community.


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