Sara Jane Rose

Lisa Bloom, Attorney at Law  |  Jean Houston, Author/Lecturer   |  Marilyn Rainwater, Political Candidate
Sara Jane Rose, Founder of Sally’s List  |  Charlene Spretnak, Author/Lecturer Marianne Williamson, Author/Lecturer
Adam Winkler, Professor of Law  |  Womens Campaign School at Yale University

Sara Jane Rose – Founder of Sally’s List

The mission of Sally’s List, founded in 2010, is to recruit and train progressive women to run for the Oklahoma State Legislature. At 12.8%, Oklahoma ranks 49th in female representation at the state legislative level, an unacceptable ratio given that 51% of the population is comprised of women. Sally’s List is participating in Sister Giant in the hopes of inspiring women from other states to use our blueprint to build their own groups. We are committed to helping women throughout the country change the makeup of their state legislatures and bring women’s much-needed voices to the political conversation.

Over the last year, Sally’s List has recruited and trained five women who are running for state house and senate seats in the upcoming November elections. Their experience has shown that there are progressive women willing to run for elected office, but who do not consider doing so unless asked and enthusiastically supported. Once trained, they make excellent candidates, using their innate skills as women to hit the campaign trail and meet their future constituents. It goes without saying that they bring the same inherent abilities to their jobs as legislators.

As part of Sister Giant, Sally’s List board members and employees will briefly review the state of women in Oklahoma, trace the group’s genesis, explain their day-to-day activities and analyze the impact their existence has had on Oklahoma politics.


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