Senator Mike Noland | IL-8

MikeNoland2Mike Noland believes in keeping it simple. He prefers getting things done over getting credit. He believes there’s value in serving his community. And he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the hard work and heavy lifting it takes to deliver real results. For some people that might make Mike Noland seem like a bit of a throwback. But for the people he represents, it’s made him a champion.

Raised in Illinois, Mike has called Elgin home for 38 years. Growing up, he and his family often struggled to make ends meet. He started shining shoes at the age of eight, and had to work odd jobs all throughout high school to help his family with expenses. “You learn a lot about hard work when you’re washing dishes and bagging groceries as a kid to help support your family,” said Mike. “You realize how hard you have to work sometimes to get the job done. And it helps you understand the importance of a good education.”

After graduating high school, Mike joined the Navy, where he served as a hospital corpsman while attending community college at night. He earned multiple citations for his service, including the National Defense Medal, the Navy Marksman rating, and the Good Conduct Badge.

After his time in the Navy, Mike finished his undergraduate work at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). He helped pay for his education by working as a chauffer. Mike eventually earned a BA and MBA from UIC and a JD from John Marshall Law School. He’s worked as a public defender and as an attorney in private practice, representing hundreds of clients, many of them pro-bono. He has served in the Illinois legislature since 2007.

Mike and his wife Veronica live on the northeast side of Elgin with their two children.

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