• Christina Bullock

    Is there anyone else out there that attended Sister Giant that is currently living in Alabama? I am working with a group if like minded people to oppose the authoritarianism, corruption, and racism being propagated by the current administration. Specifically, I would like to figure out how to help people get the ID that they need to vote, since the voting rights act has been trampled in the state. Turns out, it is not easy to get photo ID if you are missing some key documents. Any ideas or input would be appreciated! Also, we have scheduled a Town Hall on April 8th, at the Carver Theater in Birmingham, and have invited Senator Shelby and Senator Strange. Contact me for more details.

  • Sylvia Friedman Elsner

    Christina, I joined Sister Giant via livestream and began listening during the actual event February 2. However, slowly I have been listening to and watching the event over this long time period. I am presently on May 23, 2017, finally enjoying the last evening of the event. I live in Huntsville, AL, and have become involved with several wonderful groups, including Indivisible District 5, I have been a member of the Madison County Democratic Women’s Division (also open to men) for many years. Since this last election, membership and activity in the group has increased by a lot–one of the positives from the election results. It’s been amazing to see so many people in the area who never paid much attention to politics become very aware and active. The Madison County Democratic Party held a Town Hall April 8 too, with standing room only. Mo Brooks did not show up (he seems to be afraid of us and meets only with the Tea Party in group settings). Our Town Hall was issue based with several knowledgeable speakers on Healthcare and Immigration. We will be having our second Town Hall June 10 and will be covering other issues of interest to our community. I’m glad we are having these town halls even if Mo doesn’t show up. Sister Giant was great, and I’ve been livestreaming Marianne Williamson’s Tuesday Night Talks since the election. They are so inspiring and help me stay positive.