• Sierra Sugrue

    Aloha Sister Giant Ohana!
    Here in Encinitas and happy to join with you all in this LOVEvolution. Namaste and Aho

  • Michelle De Nicola

    Hello from San Diego, Sister Giant! Much love to you all. <3

  • Desserae Brookes Verna

    Hello! I live in Dana Point! Any others from orange county?

  • drdavidkamnitzer

    Hi! … I am in the middle of neo-liberal bizzarro-land in San Jose!

    More about me here:

    Let’s connect and support each other and consciously co-create!

  • Claudia Mansbach

    I’m in Oakland and would love to connect with folks in the Bay Area. Onward and upward!

  • Nancy Wallis

    Yes, I’m in Newport just north of you….

  • lem california

    02/05/2017 Hi, CLAUDIA, and all . . . ; I am also in the East Bay. I sang with
    Occupella for the Oakland Women’s March. How about you?

  • lem california

    02/05 . . . david k: I just read your personal narrative at cuttingedge…
    In the 1980’s, I had a nearly identical experience to your car story

    (“He was going about 65 mph in the 2nd
    freeway lane from the left when he heard an explosion and lost control
    of the car as it started translating to the right as it began to spin.
    He then “blacked out” for what must have been 5-10 seconds (David now
    believes his Soul almost completely left his body), and when he became
    conscious again, the car was facing 90 degrees to the traffic, facing
    the midline, on the right edge of the freeway. The car proceeded to go
    backwards, down an embankment, coming to rest against a wall of large
    Miraculously (though the car was “totalled:), none of the four people in
    the car were injured at all!”),

    but I was alone, it was nighttime near the Bay Bridge toll plaza, and
    there was no damage to my car at all. “Logically,” it should have been
    crushed, head-on, into the nearby guard rail.

    This is the first time I have heard of a similar incident . . .
    (Such events really wake you up to Higher protection, don’t they?)

    Take good care.

  • Un Mas Gringa

    Yes, I live in Rancho Santa Margarita. Was this your
    first Sister Giant? I found it to be very different from
    the last one (although I attended the last one–watching
    via livestream may have something to do with it
    feeling so different?) Hope to hear from you.

  • Un Mas Gringa

    I’m replying twice. Don’t know if I did it right the first time. Anyway, I live in Rancho Santa Margarita. Would love to meet & talk about SG.

  • Desserae Brookes Verna

    Yes! Let’s get together.

  • Desserae Brookes Verna

    Would love to connect!

  • lem california

    02/05/2017 Hi, CLAUDIA, and all . . . ; I am also in the East Bay. I sang with
    Occupella for the Oakland Women’s March. How about you?
    Best wishes : )

  • Claudia Mansbach

    I was at the beautiful Oakland Women’s March, too. I am fired up!

  • Susan

    Hello from Santa Monica! What an amazing weekend that was. I just joined this Meetup group to help me stay involved. Here’s the link if anyone else is interested too:

  • Hi, I am in the Los Feliz, Silverlake area of LA. I would like to initiate a meet up for women, creating new innovative actions to “fem the future” based on feminine powers like love, compassion, understanding, caring and heart centered creativity. Anybody up for it in my area?

  • Diane Moore

    Greetings from Dana Point, Ca – District 49 – Darrell Issa – Representative – I would like to attend his meetings with other like minded constituents – and have our opinions known – would like him to represent us in the House as well – after all he is our Representative whether we voted for him or not – let us join together

  • Diane Moore

    Hi I live in Dana Point – lets meet – also Please see my post

  • Regina

    Hello and greetings from Santa Monica! Sister Giant was so amazing!
    I feel inspired to connect w like minded sisters and brothers and reach out to the community.
    Eager to meet and support each other!
    Lots of Love!

  • Janae Kraus Stephens

    I am from Mendocino County in Northern CA, attended Sister Giant and want to keep the momentum going for change. All hands on deck!

  • lem california

    Hello, Michelle, and much love back to you!

    Here are some great photos from northern California Women’s Marches:

  • lem california

    Hi, Claudia,

    Here are some great photos of the northern California Women’s Marches,
    from The San Jose Mercury News:

    (I especially like #61 [This mother’s sign reads: “I recently came out of
    a UTERUS. It’s FINE. You can LEAVE IT ALONE.] and #36 and #50
    and #72 and #73.)

    Do YOU have any good links for photos of Our Oakland Women’s March?
    Thanks, lem

  • lem california

    This link looks really helpful, as to staying connected and being effective:

    We work peacefully while recognizing there is no true peace without justice and equity for all.

    You can put in your e-mail and zip code, in order to be informed of upcoming events.

    WHO ELSE has helpful links to share with us? thank you all, lem

  • Un Mas Gringa

    Hi, Regina! ~Erika

  • Un Mas Gringa

    Hi, Diane! I live in Rancho Santa Margarita–have been here almost a year from L.A. Don’t know if I’m in D-49 but would like to meet Bernie progressives to join forces and/or ACIM students. If you’d like you can reach me at I look forward to chatting. ~Erika

  • Un Mas Gringa

    Hi Nancy, I too would love to connect. If you’d like please contact me at: ~Erika

  • Claudia Mansbach

    Hi Lem, That link doesn’t work anymore…I didn’t take pictures and haven’t collected any, but my favorite so far (sent by a friend who went to the SF march) was “Am I going to be forced to carry this president to full term?”
    In case you don’t know about it, there is an event at The Hub in Oakland Thursday eve for what’s next.
    Blessings, Claudia

  • Diane Moore

    Erika – thanks for reaching out – certainly want to connect – even though you are in a different district – but one that is equally conservative Republican – I can be reached through FB page:

  • Regina

    hi Erika!! where is Rancho Santa Margarita? Sounds far away. Call me. Id love to chat w you.

  • Un Mas Gringa

    I lost my phone—I don’t have your number. Would
    You mind emailing it to me?

  • Beantown Love

    Hello Michelle, I am Chiajou (also from San Diego)would love to connect with you. My email is God bless you!

  • Janae Kraus Stephens

    Friends, I started blogging several months ago, with the intention to
    reach out and create community with people like you who care about our
    planet and want to create a peaceful, loving and just world. I stopped for a while after attending Sister Giant to process. I am back in the saddle and invite
    you to read my latest post and share your comments there. You can also connect with me at

  • Devaa Haley Mitchell

    Hi Sisters and Brothers from California~
    I wanted to let you know that we are building on the great success of Sister Giant with another conference happening later this week called CA Vision 2020. Marianne will be a speaker as well as many others.

    I am part of a team of concerned Californians who are putting together this event. And we wanted to invite folks from Sister Giant, and other associated groups, to put together a delegation of peeps to attend this conference – so folks can get inspired & more deeply educated, and then can take action together. It includes headliners such as Dolores Huerta, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Joan Blades, and Marianne Williamson as well as grassroots activists, CEOs, policymakers, and foundations who want to help California innovate still further by 2020.

    There will be many movers and shakers as well as great networking. We particularly feel it’s important to have representation from leaders like you so that we can create maximum synergy longer term in the innovative change initiatives that can truly serve our state. Though there’s so much turmoil at the federal level of our country right now, there is so much that we an do at the state level. And this conference is a great way to plug-in, – along with other inspiring leaders and engaged citizens!

    Find us on Facebook here:

    Learn more and get your tix here:

  • Alison Marks

    I’m excited about this! It’s going to be a wonderful event.