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Digital/Online April 4, 2018
Why We Need Both a National Apology and Reparations to Heal the Wounds of Racism.
By Marianne Williamson

Years ago, I went with a doctor friend to see a charismatic Catholic priest, Father Ralph DiOrio. I had read his books on miraculous healing, and I was eager to see him in action.

The crowd, some in wheelchairs and others holding stricken children, poured by the thousands into a stadium in Sacramento. They were in search of physical healing.

“I wonder what I’m here to be healed from,” I remember thinking.

When DiOrio arrived, he bounded onto the stage, speaking excitedly about the miraculous power of God to heal all things. Almost immediately, he asked those of us who were not Roman Catholic to please stand.

I am Jewish. My friend is Jewish. Maybe 50 of us stood up. “Uh oh,” I thought.

Yet what DiOrio did next was amazing. He didn’t ask the non-Catholics to confess our sins. He asked us to accept an apology. I remember him asking those who were Catholic to form a line in front of those who were standing, look into our eyes and say, “If I or my religion has ever done anything to hurt you or offend you or your religion, then please forgive me and please forgive us.”

Houston Chronicle, January 19, 2018

Marianne Williamson asked white people to apologize. She got it right.

Marianne Williamson walked to the middle of the stage, paused for a second, then she asked all the black people to stand.

The New York Times best-selling author, internationally known spiritual teacher and native Houstonian was in town recently for her “Love America Tour” at Unity of Houston. She urged the 200 of us from our seats. She then instructed a white person to hold the hand of a black person standing.

A white woman and a teenage girl who looked to be mother and daughter in the row behind me took my hand and arm.

Williamson then told the white people to repeat after her. She began with, “I apologize … .”


Down With Tyranny, January 22, 2018

Marianne Williamson And Bernie Sanders– Taking To The Road To Help Save America

A little over a month ago we looked at Marianne Williamson’s plans for a national tour– the Love America Your. It’s not a plan anymore. She’s right in the middle of it, having completed events in Richmond, Winston-Salem (with Jenny Marshall), Houston, Austin (with Derrick Crowe) and Las Vegas. She’s taking a break now and then picking up again in Florida in March.

But her event in Houston was very special– even mind-blowing– and it was covered by two Houston Chronicle reporters, one black (Joy Sewing) and one white (Erica Grieder). “Marianne Williamson walked to the middle of the stage,” wrote Sewing, “paused for a second, then she asked all the black people to stand.” There were nearly a thousand people in the room and 200, including Sewing, stood up.