Money Out of Politics

“John McCain’s Three Little Words”

“I think there will be scandals associated with the worst decision of the United States Supreme Court in the 21st century.”
~Senator John McCain.
The official statement from Senator McCain and Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) Press Release         –January 20, 2012

Two years ago, the Supreme Court handed down one of the worst, and most radically activist decisions in the Court’s history, Citizens United. Overturning more than a century of settled law, and with an unprecedented naiveté of the political process, the Court charted a course for legalized bribery. Sadly, both Democrats and Republicans are now following the dangerous road of unlimited money in politics. There is no question whether scandal will arise from this decision; the only question is when. On this anniversary, we call on both parties to work together to remedy the obvious damage to our political system caused by the Citizens United decision.

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