Sister Giant 2015: Conference Schedule

(Speaker Times Subject to Change)


SATURDAY MORNING: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Diane Randall, Executive Secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation
Eileen Borris, Expert on International Conflict Resolution

LUNCH: 12:30pm – 1:30pm

SATURDAY AFTERNOON: 1:30pm – 5:30pm

Lynne Lyman, Drug Policy Alliance
Lisa Bloom, Civil Rights Attorney
Thom Hartmann, Progressive Author and Talk Show Host,
speaking on the History of Corporatism
Seane Corn, Yogi and social activist

DINNER: 5:30 – 7:00pm

SATURDAY EVENING: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Senator Bernie Sanders



SUNDAY MORNING 9:30am – Noon

Mary Morrissey, Best-selling Author and Life Coach

Congressman Keith Ellison, Congressman from Minnesota

Elizabeth Kucinich, Food Movement Leader, with
Panel on Food Policy and Regenerative Agriculture

The Way We Grow: Industrial Farmageddon or Ecological Regenerative Agriculture

The world is awakening to the fact that the way we produce food has become the mechanism through which we cause most social, physical and environmental degradation. The “food panel” led by Elizabeth Kucinich will explore the challenges of industrial agriculture and highlight the incredible promise of regenerative, ecological agricultural practices which have the potential to not only produce healthy food and communities, but also help to reverse climate change.

Policy, campaigns and issue engagement on local, state and federal levels will be discussed.

LUNCH: Noon – 1:30pm

SUNDAY AFTERNOON 1:30pm- 6:00pm

Congressman Alan Grayson, Congressman from Florida

Cenk Uygur, Progressive Commenter, Host of The Young Turks, and Founder of Wolf-Pac, with Panel on Getting Money out of Politics

Marianne Williamson with Panel: Turning Enlightened Activism Into Political Force

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