• Anna Amato

    Hi there everyone who attended from DC. Please comment on here and perhaps we can get a group together. Looking forward to it.
    Anna Amato

  • ECP

    Hi, Anna! I attended and would love to connect. Not on Facebook, but can be reached here.

  • Zanna Yardas

    Hi I’d like to connect and keep this power and light flowing.

  • Rosanna Marie

    Hi Anna, That would be great! I’m interested in connecting with people in the area as well. ~Rosanna

  • Jen Runkle

    Would love to get together and share! I was so inspired by Cenk I went and signed up for Wolf Pac and went through orientation yesterday.

  • Anna Amato

    Hi Jen, Zanna, Rosanna and ECP,
    There appear to be some existing groups — Wolfpac seems to be the most promising but I’ve heard about the Women’s march setting up Huddles, and also a group called Indivisible with local groups. Is it worthwhile to set up something among ourselves in the DC area, or just participate through these other channels. I do think Sister Giant participants have a particular vibe…

  • Rosanna Marie

    I agree that Sister Giant participants have a special kind of vibe. I believe it would be worthwhile for us to connect with each other, whether or not we choose to engage with other groups.

  • Jane Lovas

    I am in VA and would like to create a diverse group to meet, discuss, and take action. I’ve also joined Wolfpac. It’s so easy to get busy with what you do and miss what others are doing. I have access to a space in Springfield. Let me know if you’re interested.

  • Daphne

    OK, lovely Districters, I think we’re all interested in grouping together — at least for the meantime. What is the best forum for us to share discussion: Facebook, Google, Next Door, others?

  • Terry LePage

    A fellow Sister Giant participant and I prayed loudly in front of the White House Monday lunchtime. We hope to do this every Monday and we’d love your company– check out the Facebook page “spiritual action for use” for details.

  • Laura Madden

    @j@jane_lovas:disqus @@zannayardas:disqus @disqus_jxKQLLxUw6:disqus @disqus_ETvM8464K7:disqus @t@terrylepage:disqus @d@disqus_K4udddImZQ:disqus @j@jenrunkle:disqus @ec@disqus_IUMwfT9hW0:disqus I just finished up the CCL conference in DC and think it would be great to get together for a gathering and discussion on how we can build a network and align in common purpose. send me an email at laura@phoenixconsults.com if you are interested, or we can simply commit to checking in to this network on a regular basis.