With the Presidential election in full swing, we can be tempted to minimize the importance of our Congressional elections. But they’re equally important because Congress is a co-equal branch of the government. We need a political revolution in Congress as much as we need it in the White House!

SISTER GIANT is partnering with BLUE AMERICA to host a Free Online Progressive Candidate Summit — beginning Feb. 23 and lasting for three weeks — to introduce you to great Congressional candidates all over the country. The link will be permanent: Begin anytime! You can re-watch the interviews, send them to people you know, and help create a powerful wave of Congressional progressivism during this primary season.

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    How great! THANK you, Marianne, once again for your incredible generosity.


  • ladyinla

    How many congressional seats are up for re-election this November, House and Senate?

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    How many Women are on Congressional seats or in Senate Assembly in Democrat Party?

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    Where there is truth, trust, kindness and elevation of education and empowerment we all win!

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    thank you for the great information and sharing! where can I find a complete list of progressive candidates? please and thank you! <3

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