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Fundraising Assistance To Attend Sister Giant

The geographical diversity of Sister Giant attendees will give the weekend a political heft it won’t otherwise have, yet there are obvious expenses involved in coming across the country that there are not when one is driving across town.

To help those who find the cost of traveling to Sister Giant prohibitive, we’re using gofundme.com to create the opportunity for some to ask for financial support, and others to donate financial support to those who wish to attend the event and otherwise can’t.

If you are in need of financial assistance to attend Sister Giant, please set up a page in Go Fund Me, then email us a link to your page to info@sistergiant.com, and we will post your information here.

If you have the financial ability to help someone attend Sister Giant, please click on the links below and contribute according to what feels right to you.   Thank you!

Requesting Financial Assistance:

Katey Culver
Linden, TN
Watch her video

Karen Schultz Tarnopol
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Read her story

Eryn Wuori
Tuscon, AZ
Read her story here

Norma Carey
Gary, Indiana
Read her story here

Lanni Lantto
Read her story here

Kristin Lynne
Read her story here

Sumitra D’Arago
Asheville, North Carolina
Read her story here

Corrina Diamond
Read her story here

Victoria Sanchez
Austin, Texas
Read her story here

Kim P.
Boston, Massachusetts
Read her story here

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