• Hello Sister Giant Kansans! 🙂

  • numen

    Hello Becci…nice to see someone posting from Kansas. I am in Manhattan; where are you located? Your name seems familiar for some reason. ~ Mary Numen

  • Oh yes Mary, you caught my Wichita location Thursday evening in the chat room and you said “hi”! I’ve only had a chance to listen to bits and pieces over the weekend but am absolutely loving every second! How about you?

  • numen

    Oh….I’d forgotten. No wonder your name was familiar 🙂 So much took place between Thurs evening and Sat evening! Do you have like-minded connections around you? I have very few here in Manhattan. as far as spirituality/consciousness/politics. Ft. Riley right next door, ag university and conservative environment… I watched the entire conference live and every bit was fabulous. There were a few speakers that didn’t speak so much to me but everything else was amazing.The live-streamers had the advantage of the chat which was wonderful but also distracting. So I plan to go back and watch all of it again and take better notes.

  • I’m a hairdresser and do you have a few clients that are like-minded but the majority are very conservative. I feel like if I speak my mind I will lose my business and that is not an option at this point. But I feel there must be more people then I think here in Wichita after seeing how many people marched in the women’s march here in town 🙂 . I did reach out to one woman who is very connected here in town and have a get together planned with her this Saturday. I introduced her to Marianne and to the sister giant (which she had never heard of either) but she was very interested to hear more about it. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of this meeting. I have met her before years ago so she’s not exactly a stranger which does makes it easier . I’ve never been politically minded but feel that I am ready to start paying attention. This truly is an important turning point in our history and I think it’s going to be vital to pay attention!

  • numen

    I am a practitioner in the healing arts and use a variety of modalities in helping others to increase well-being and resilience, reduce/eliminate pain, etc. I also have a few clients who are aware, open and awake to the reality of what has been underway in our nation for some time. But really no one here (not that I’ve met anyway) is at the similar place of consciousness/spirituality + politics so it is a bit lonely that way. I don’t talk about it with clients much as it is stressful for them, the antithesis of why they come to me. How many marched in Wichita? There wasn’t a march in Manhattan 🙁 and I was recovering from the flu so I didn’t make it to Topeka (6,000) or Kansas City (10,000).
    I am just now reading Vera deChalambert’s article on the internet–Kali Takes America. It was referenced when Marianne introduced her. Vera was one of my favorite presenters/presentations–so amazing and yet so humble. But there were so many amazing presentations!
    Best wishes with your meeting with your friend. I will be interested to hear how it goes. We need SO much more of this in Kansas!!