Love America – Democracy Call

What does it mean for a country to self-actualize? What would it look like for not only a person, but a collection of people, to become together all that we can be? How does individual freedom provide the greatest space for our collective genius to unfold?

These are the questions that underlie the possibility of a healed America: not merely a conversation about political externals, but rather a deeper, soulful, whole person consideration of what is possible in all of us, and through all of us, at this time in human history.

We are not just citizens entitled to certain rights: we are human beings entrusted with a great and glorious mission which it is our purpose to fulfill. America has never embodied fully the promise of our first principles, but in every generation there have been those who tried, who struggled, and who sacrificed to make it so.

Now it is our turn.

Listen to Marianne’s Love America Call from Sunday, February 11.. Please click here to hear the replay.

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