• Susan Buchholz

    Hello Baystaters, I am leaving inspired and far more hopeful than when I arrived. Looking forward to sharing what I learned and getting this thing done!!

  • inanna40

    Hi — I attended via Livestream. What were some actions you learned about? It’s different here in our blue state.

  • Jill Peavey Chapman

    Me toooo!! Just signed up to volunteer for Wolf-PAC. What an amazing, even life changing weekend.

  • Allison Protas Gustavson

    Hi Massachusetts people! I am so happy to have realized this is here. Although it’s now old news, I was thrilled to discover on Monday that the group that I founded about two months ago, Essex County #6 Indivisible, was mentioned by name by Elizabeth Warren in her impassioned evening speech to block the nomination of DeVos. I was contacted by her staffer and told that it was Warren’s idea herself to include our group. I was speechless. If any of you live in Essex County (district 6) or want to start similar groups in your areas, I’d be happy to share what we’re doing. It’s been a busy busy couple of months but we have already had such an enormous response, been in the paper a couple of times, and been contacted by Congressman Moulton to attend a Constituent Strategy meeting. The Indivisible model is incredibly useful: Also, we’re having a meeting tomorrow night at the Beverly Public Library (if it doesn’t snow like crazy!) so please contact me on FB (Allison Protas Gustavson) if you’d like to come. I think we have about 60 people coming so far, and the group is well over 200. I was deeply committed before this past weekend, but now it’s integrated into my way of life. So grateful for Marianne and everyone who came and taught and preached. xo

  • Danuza Aquino

    Hello! I just joined this forum and I am happy to be a part of a growing awareness to heal our planet! My biggest interest is to bring this information to low income and underserved communities which, are in large, blind to most of the issues we talk about in therms of the Green/peace/humanitarian/sustainability/love movement! Being originally from Brazil and working with many latin and immigrant communities of low income, barely surviving, I believe that without this large group (including the squeezed middle class) we will take a lot longer to change things! I have been watching all documentaries and reading a lot the past 4 months and I want to connect with you also! Lots of love!