• Marissa Hatch

    Hi all, currently on my way back to Brooklyn reflecting on this inspiring weekend. Would love to keep the momentum alive. If people are interested, I’m happy to organize NYC meetups for those of us in the area. 🙂

  • Diane Quilts

    Hi Marissa,

    How fabulous you were there! It must have been electrifying!

    Myself and 3 other livestream attendees got together in NYC on Saturday to view the event. We plan to meet monthly but didn’t set a date yet. Please email me so we that can all get together!!


  • Trish Hack-Rubinstein

    I would love to take part! I was moved.
    I travel often but would love to be added to a list and am thinking about putting together a viewing night of some of the speakers for those I know who did not attend.

  • Marisa

    Hi everybody, what a great inspiring weekend. Please add me to the list, I would love some help figuring out a plan of action!

  • Diane Quilts

    Hi Trish,

    Plesae email me and we will add you to our group.


  • Carrie Cleveland

    Hello NY!! For those in or around Rochester that want to organize, please contact me!! Be safe and well!!

  • Lainie Love

    Hello Marissa! I would be interested! I was also there in DC and live in Brooklyn (Prospect Lefferts Garden). I’m at – Please keep me posted. Much love!

  • Oscar

    I might be close enough to participate in something near Binghamton

  • Oscar

    Maybe NYC also

  • Nsedef

    I’m in.
    NYC, Brooklyn and surrounding boroughs and region is easiest for me. Thank you, Marissa. sonder at nsonder dot com

  • Nancy Benjamin

    Syracuse, anyone?

  • Ann

    I am also feeling energized by the conference and would welcome an opportunity to meet with others. I’m in lower Manhattan, so Brooklyn is fine for me. Thanks you for offering to organize, Marissa.

  • sharon kind

    please add me to the list, I was also at sister giant for weekend. I am going back and forth from manhattan to phila often, would love to join u when i can.
    all the best, your fellow sister, sharon kind

  • Maureen McNellis

    I attended the event and was so moved but seem to have lost some momentum. I would love to participate and i live in brooklyn! Thanks!

  • Ann

    Please contact your state assembly representative with instructions to approve the bill introduced by NY AG, Eric Schniederman, to expand voting access. While some states are engaged in voter suppression, NYS should be a model of encouraging voter participation. Thanks

  • sharon kind

    any sisters gathering in manhattan ?? sharon

  • sharon kind

    Hello Marissa, Looking to connect , have there been any sister giant gatherings in NYC yet ?

  • Center for Earth Ethics

    NYC Divestment Event: April 5-6