• Nancy Huslage

    I hope to see many of you at HKonJ this Saturday!

  • Emily Bennington

    Friends – I posted this on the Sister Giant social media feed December 16th and Marianne has asked me to share here. We are definitely intending to do a Spirit of Citizenship rally in North Carolina this spring – stay tuned for more. XO


    Please take a moment to appreciate what just happened in North Carolina.

    1. A special session was called, pulling legislators to the capital to fund disaster relief.

    2. The funds were granted and the gavel marked the end of the session. Minutes later the Republican majority opened a NEW special session, catching both Dems and the media completely off guard, and introduce a trove of new bills that essentially neuter the incoming Democratic governor.

    3. The Speaker of the House claims the decision to hold a second session was made that day – despite the fact that some of the bills were 40 pages long and clearly prepared in advance.

    4. A number of the bills sailed through the chamber in a matter of hours and will be signed into law by the Republican governor – just like that – with no opportunity for community dialogue or opposition.

    This is a shameless power grab that disrespects the voters, the incoming governor, and the institution of democracy itself. If you say you don’t care about politics, now would be a good time to start paying attention.

  • Marty King

    Thank you, Emily.

    Yesterday, Talk of the Nation had an interesting segment on the courts handling of the issues coming out of that special session.