• Harold Sherman

    Men should be raised more like females. The reason that I believe this is because I see too many males (even liberal ones), with conservative thinking on what a male should be like. This causes stiff and robotic thinking which could kill the joy within. Females are (so it seems to me) aloud to be more “fluent” than a male. I have many other reasons for my way of thinking, but they are to numerous to type here. I’m convinced that if a male was raised more like a female, crime would go down drastically.

  • Angela E. Arndt

    Any Cincinnati folks out there?

  • Mary Kathleen Smyth

    Hey Cincinnati! Love to all. I attended a women’s march huddle today in Cleveland, Ohio. Very helpful, unifying and informative. I recommended sister giant and citizen giant at the gathering. Sister Giant deeply inspired me. I will pray and I will act and I will raise my voice and I will pray again. For us all. Xo