• Sorah Dubitsky

    Have any other Oregonians been privileged to view all or part of the Sister Giant conference.

  • Sorah Dubitsky

    I am active in the Washington County Democratic party.

  • Ellison Rose

    I’m in Portland, Multnomah County! I’m completely new to politics and activism. I’m still finishing up the videos online. Did you get to actually go or are you also watching online?

  • Sorah Dubitsky

    I watched online and have not finished viewing all the recordings. Where in Multnomah do you live? The sistergiant energy is inspiring. I’d love to work to bring spirituality to politics.

  • Michelle

    I live in Lincoln City and attended the event. Hello tribe!

  • Sorah Dubitsky

    Are we the tribe? How was the live event?

  • Carol Delmonico

    I live streamed most of it. Live in Bend. Feeling grateful to have found this tribe. My partner and best friend watched most of it too!!