Ruth E. Bennett

Ruth E. Bennett — From the Libertarian Party

Ruth E. Bennett is the National Secretary of the Libertarian Party National Committee. She has been State Chair of the Libertarian Parties of Colorado and Washington State, directed three Libertarian national conventions and run for public office several times in several states. Currently she is running for precinct committee person for the Arizona Libertarian Party and is a candidate for her local Continental Elementary School District.

Ruth joined the Libertarian Party in 1978, amazed and pleased when she found a like-minded group believing in the basic American fundamentals of Liberty, social tolerance and fiscal responsibility.

As an out lesbian in a committed relationship, Ruth was the first candidate in Washington State history to run on a platform supporting marriage equality in the 2004 governor’s race, including her pro-civil rights statement in the state’s Voter Guide.

Ruth has been a union member, small business owner and is currently the Executive Director of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Southern Arizona, a nonprofit helping individuals plan for cremations and burials that are dignified, meaningful and affordable – the same ethic she would like see applied to government.

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