Sister Giant 2015

Dear Friends,

I’m delighted to announce our next SISTER GIANT Conference, to be held March 28-29, 2015, live in Los Angeles as well as livestreamed.

This year’s theme is Activating Conscience and Restoring our Democracy. The weekend gathering will feature a Saturday night keynote address by Senator Bernie Sanders, as well as talks and discussions with former Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Lisa Bloom, Thom Hartmann, Elizabeth Kucinich, Cenk Uygur and others. Issues we are covering this year include Money in Politics and Overturning Citizens United; The Corruption of our Food Supply; Race, Mass Incarceration and Ending the Drug War.

SISTER GIANT fosters a political conversation based on conscience and compassion. As a citizen, activist, candidate or prospective candidate, please join us for a unique experience in opening your heart and expanding your mind.

SISTER GIANT is a gathering not to be missed. We’re going to rock it this year as we have rocked it before.

All my best,
Marianne Williamson


If the American people were to look at the state of the world today and truly register the extent to which our government has failed to stave off — indeed, has helped to create — the extraordinarily sobering challenges confronting the world today, there would be a mass convulsion of disgust and horror and a determination to “throw the bums out” such has never occurred in our political history. The proverbial Rome is burning, while politicians acting like clowns prance around the country playing silly games with the future of life on earth. How sad it is that we, the people, are so taken in, so distracted, so manipulated as to let them. We are sleeping through a house fire now, and angels themselves are begging us to awaken.


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