Sister Giant 2015

Please join me for the next SISTER GIANT Conference on March 28-29, in Los Angeles and/or via livestream. (This one is for all of us — women and men too!) We’re going to have a deep conversation that weekend about conscious citizenship and political change. From getting the money out of politics to racial justice and mass incarceration, from the corruption of our food supply to how to build a more peaceful world, from spiritual enlightenment to political transformation, we’re going to spend a weekend digging deep and flying high…in our minds, in our hearts, and hopefully in our country.


Dear Friends,

I ran for Congress in 2014 because I felt a political campaign was the best way I could personally help harness the energy of a new conversation. The pieces of the conversation were themselves not new: deep democracy, social justice, and, non-violence. But they’re radical and edgy when applied to the circumstances of the times in which we live. For we are going through a time of de-democratization, diminished social justice, and increasing violence.

While I didn’t win my race, I think we impacted the ethers. And the cause was always bigger than one woman winning one Congressional seat. I know many people who were part of the campaign, and supported it, are now doing amazing things to continue the work of peaceful revolutionary change. For myself, it’s time to create a new platform, harnessing the same conversation and in service to the same goal: political change in America aligned with the angels of our better nature.

An idea grows stronger when it’s shared, so I hope you’ll participate in SISTER GIANT this year and help spread the word. The energy needed to transform America already exists; we just need to harness it in more meaningful ways. This isn’t a time to whine. It’s a time to engage. For the cause of peace. For the cause of democracy. And for the cause of love.

Thanks so much! I hope to see you there…

All my best,
Marianne Williamson

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