The Great Resistance 2017

Marianne Williamson on Huffington Post
December 24, 2016

It’s very tempting to feel sad this holiday season. I know many people feel more hopeful than ever, celebrating the election of a new President and looking forward to better times ahead. I respect that they feel that way, but I cannot fathom it. I leave them to their partying, and pray in my heart that they are right and I am wrong.

For me, as for millions of others, there is a feeling of deep foreboding. From our President-elect’s childishly reckless attitude about a nuclear arms race (the 5,000-7,000 nukes we already have aren’t enough, Sir?) to his chief financial appointee suggesting banks need more deregulation (they haven’t done enough harm already, Sir?) to a lack of impulse control with his twitter account suggesting something more like an extreme use of Adderall than an extreme case of ADD — it is looking like he is a car crash happening in slow motion and the rest of us are stuck in the car.

Beyond Left and Right, people all across the political spectrum are feeling a sense of alarm. In the words of a friend, we are “shaken to the core.” Despite repeated injunctions — from Vladimir himself, no less! — that we need to “lose with dignity,” and simply “get over it,” I for one do know how to do that…but I don’t want to. And this is not the first time my guy lost in the Presidential horse race. I got over it when Nixon won. I got over it when Reagan won. I got over it when Bush 43 won (okay, I admit that one was a bit harder, since he didn’t win). But with Trump, I don’t think I’m supposed to get over it. In fact, I feel it’s my patriotic duty not to. Every part of my being is sending out a red alert. In Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s classic work, acceptance is meant to be the final stage of grief. But we should never ever “accept” something as demagogic and vigilantly ignorant as what a Trump presidency represents to this nation. There isn’t just something to grieve here; there’s something to powerfully and passionately stand for.

Spiritually, I understand that Trump is an innocent child of God. And before he was a Presidential candidate, I found him to be a kind of entertaining American character. But he is not entertaining anymore; he is frightening. He has been elected to the Presidency of the United States and yet he acts like he is mocking the job.

There is nothing spiritual about complacency, and I reject any half-baked spiritual prescription that if we just send him enough love then everything will be okay. If the house is burning, you yell “Fire.” You don’t just repeat your mantra more times and trust the outcome to God. Quite the opposite: we are to live our lives so that God can trust the outcome to us. He cannot do for us what He cannot do through us. The question is not, how did God let this happen? The question is, how did we let this happen? And what are we going to do about it now ?

Gandhi was non-violent toward the British, but he wanted them out. King was non-violent toward the white supremacists, but he wanted them politically defeated. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “God said I have to love my enemies, but he didn’t say I have to like them.” This is a time for neither a superficial spirituality, nor a superficial politics. We need to do more than buckle our seat belts now; we need to rise to the occasion and find every legal, non-violent, and effective way to resist Trump’s leadership. It’s not enough to wait for the Republicans to find their conscience, or for the Democrats to find their … well, you know the word. Each of us needs to find our power. We are citizens, and we should remember that our representatives, even the President, work for us. We do not work for them.

And we have simply made a terrible hire. It’s not just that the Trump phenomenon isn’t “normal;” there are enough people saying that already. But we have to take the next psychological step now. If it isn’t “normal,” then what is it? And the answer, to me, is clear: it is dangerous. His presidency represents a clear and present danger to this country and to the world. But he was not elected king, or dictator; he was elected President. And within our democratic system there are ways to legally deal with a corrupt or mentally unfit leader.

Each of us needs to ask ourselves, “What can I do? What is my internal guidance, that I might be part of the Great Resistance in 2017?” And that is what it needs to be: a Great Resistance. Not just a kinda-sorta-maybe-I’ll-post-that-on-Facebook kind of thing. Each of us has a part to play in powerfully repudiating the abuse and misuse of power that Trump’s upcoming Presidency already represents.

For me, I am hosting the next SISTER GIANT conference in Washington DC on Feb. 2-4, 2017. We are bringing together speakers representing everything from a deeper archetypal understanding of our predicament, to the most effective ways to politically resist it. SISTER GIANT is a good thing, and there are many more things that will be happening as well. But whatever you do, if you agree with my assessment, then do something.

There is a call going out from deep within the American psyche now: to remember the Abolitionists, remember the Suffragettes, remember the Civil Rights movement — and do, in our time, what they did in theirs: see the problem, but don’t just grieve it. FIX IT! Let’s not be the first generation of Americans to be so beaten down by a problem that we lose our will to solve it.

Now, as we celebrate the miracles of both Hannukah and Christmas, let us remember that this is not the first time human beings have experienced a very dark night. And this is indeed a collective dark night of the soul. But all great religious teachings remind us that into the darkened night God always has, and always will, brought forth a light that is not of this world. A light that enters into human affairs. A light through which we find our fundamental connection to a power greater than ourselves. And no power of darkness can stand before the power of this light. It is among us and it is within us.

And yes, the light dwells within Donald Trump. Of course it does. None of this is to personally wish him ill. It is to wish him residing happily in Florida or New York or wherever he wishes, making whatever deals he wishes to make, but nowhere near the levers of political power. He has proven himself something much more significant than not up to the task. Yet while he might not be up to the task of governing the most powerful country on earth, the deeper question still is this: are we up to the task of creating a Great Resistance, and saving our country from the demagoguery he represents?

Let’s not just hope this time. Let’s make the answer as clear as the light of the star of Bethlehem, and as miraculous as the light of the first Hannukah candles. We know who Donald Trump is; the question now is, who are we? 2017 is not a pre-determined destiny. It is up to each of us to decide what it will be.

  • mitaky

    “Be vigilant. Protect your mind from negative thinking….Gods praise vigilance and reject negligence.”
    – Buddha

  • comments122

    Marianne, do you really believe Barack Obama was not a demagogue entirely unqualified to be the leader of the free world? Trump is far from perfect, but in this election he was clearly the better choice. Hillary Clinton is a mess and the voters were smart enough to choose otherwise this time around. Trump will clean up the messes that Obama made, just watch.

  • comments122

    Marianne, please tell us that you don’t really believe Obama was even remotely qualified to be president? Barack Obama was in no way qualified to run anything other than his mouth – as long as he has a teleprompter. The election of Trump over the mess that is Hillary Clinton shows just how smart the voters are. Trump is a true independent and will work hard for the good of the American people despite the “Resistance” you and others bring.

  • comments122

    Meanwhile Obama steps up his efforts to start WW3 with Russia a mere three weeks before he leaves office and you are afraid of a Trump presidency?

    And, thanks to WikiLeaks, we all know by now that the media are colluding with the Democrats. And you fear a Trump presidency? My God, you are misguided, Marianne.

  • comments122

    Marianne, despite all of your “Resistance,” Trump will be an exceptionally popular and effective president – a welcome change from the eight years of Obama’s disastrous anti-American reign and a sigh of relief that the country was spared the disaster that would have been Hillary Clinton. Voters are smarter than you give them credit for being.

  • comments122

    I’m not sure why you are cheering for a ‘Socialist’ who wants bigger and more intrusive government with programs the country cannot afford in our lives? It makes no sense. The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.

  • Sandra
  • 47scooter

    Thank you! I am looking forward to receiving this.

  • Julia McKay

    If you think Trump is not the result of big government, you have been duped. How do people think that a man who has benefited so greatly from a system of economic injustice will remedy economic inequality? It makes no sense.

  • Laura Madden

    as our country has grown in wealth the majority of its people have become less wealthy, more in debt, and given in to the growing demands of work just to survive. yet the 1%, which includes Donald Trump, have gotten more wealthy and have gained even more power to decide what we can and can’t do in our own personal lives and communities. you do not have to accept all that Bernie or other progressives say, but you have to recognize that the imbalance between rich and poor in our capitalist system is unacceptable. that part of his message i resonate with fully.

  • Barbara McCombs

    I just found this site and wonder why there are so many negative comments about Marianne, Obama, and our potential roles as women activists. As an older semi-retired educational psychologist, I see the damage that might occur to our children and nation unless Trump stops ‘tweeting uninformed messages’ or messages that disturb Americans and our allies. I am still waiting to see if someone on his team can reign him in but looking t his choices for education and other big offices, I am worried. Can he really dismantle what we worked hard to accomplish in the past decades that ensure rights to the poor, the mentally challenged, and those who are different from white males? I am contacting my senators and others to let them know the Trump agenda will be hurting me as a senior trying to cover rising health care costs, will be hurting my children and grandchildren with fewer choices on jobs and ways to make ends meet. In spite of what people below say, Obama’s administration made great strides on may fronts (jobs, reduction in debt, and more positive relationships abroad). Michelle is an excellent model for many young girls yet what I read below is very hostile and divisive as we enter this new year.

  • straycat

    They have found the ultimate site to brainwash people! Not my March

  • Tory Tornado Dube

    <3 Amen.

  • Carolyn Permentier

    I believe, with all his foibles, Trump is aligned with the Constitution and is acutely aware of the Globalists’ agenda to enslave America… and he has decided to fight it. I believe he is a true Patriot and is committed to restore the Republic.

    I believe he represents the ONE to stop the New World Order (Globalists’ agenda) to enslave the world, including America. Today, Jan 31, 2017, after only 11 days in office, he is doing precisely what he said he would do… those promises that got him elected in the first place.

    Like so many, I was very skeptical at first, even though my ‘inner knowing’ informed me differently. Also like so many powerful men throughout history, he may be (or have been) a womanizer. So was Bill Clinton, the beloved Democrat. And as amazing, IMO, as JFK was, rumors abound about his ‘playing around.’ This is not a new phenom.

    I don’t know if Marianne Williamson has been hijacked, or if she earnestly believes what she’s saying, but I lovingly disagree. My inner knowing informs me, despite what anyone else is saying, and I feel, sense and KNOW that Obama, Hillary and many more in ‘high places’ were/are working to bring America down. They’re part of the Global Elite. I don’t feel that Trump is part of this demonic group that intends to keep everyone poor, to incite riots here and in the Middle East. They are NOT patriots, IMO, and are, in fact, the antithesis of what they claim.

    I feel, sense and know (to my own satisfaction) that without such a determined, committed and ‘unable to be bought’ man, as Donald Trump, the US and the rest of the world was nearing a take-over of historic proportions.

    It’s never easy to be the ‘odd man out,’ and I’ve deeply respected Marianne for a long, long time. But my heart informs me of a very different scenario about Donald Trump.

    I further believe that the Globalists’ minions have infiltrated every, single facet of our lives… from political leaders/influencers, to religious leaders, to education, to government agencies that are supposed to protect us, but that, instead, harm us. And they’ve done it all, from the inside out. Without firing a single shot, their shills are everywhere, wolves in sheep’s clothing, setting out to deceive the very elect.

    They are shrewd, crafty and evil… and they intend to CONTROL and, eventually, enslave Americans and the entire world. It will take a man, like Trump, who cannot be bought (he’s taking $1.00/yr salary) and who is NOT a politician… no wonder he sounds so crass. He speaks plainly and doesn’t lie. And he literally does what he says he will do. He is doing it, as I speak.

    BUT, so many people have become so accustomed to ‘double talk’ and pretty promises from an incredible orator, Obama, and slick Willy and his equally-wicked wife and their ‘pay to play’ foundation… oh my, the corruption is SO wide and deep, it’s sickening.

    And I haven’t even touched on the most disturbing aspect of the past debacle of an election… and that is the criminal part of Hillary and Bill… and the near-unfathomable pedophile ring and infant sacrificing on the part of the Clintons. It is truly so bizarre that normal, decent people can hardly take it in.

    In closing, I feel deeply that we’re in a fight for LIGHT over darkness. And I feel that many of us in the ‘spiritual’ communities have an idea of what “RIGHT” should look like. And if someone doesn’t look like we think they should look, act like we think they should act or speak the way we think they SHOULD speak… then that person MUST be bad.

    I believe we’re in the midst of an awakening. Every aspect of our TRUE self is waking up. Most of us have been asleep for SO long, and we want to remain asleep.

    We must stop drinking the Cool-Aide and THINK! Just ask ourselves two questions:

    1. Is our president DOING what he said he would do to keep America safe and FREE?

    2. And is he doing what needs to be done to make us prosperous, rather than poor?

    So far, the answer is a resounding YES for me. Time will tell whether or not I’m right.

    But, President Trump has already done more in 11 days than President Obama did in 8 years.

    May we all seek to BE love.



  • Sheila Murray

    Stop watching Fox news, reading Breitbart and listening to Rush Limbaugh. Your rant is very sad and so far from reality. We forgive you.

  • Carolyn Permentier

    Your little snit reeks of naivety and feigned sincerity. Your mind has been raped, and you don’t even know it. I sincerely feel very sorry for you.

  • sroesser

    Carolyn, I couldn’t have said it better. This is very well written. I disagree with Marianne’s very biased opinion on our new President. I believe he is exactly what America needs at this time. I don’t share her negativity on this new administration, and frankly neither does more than half of our country. As a Christian who believes that God is the one who puts leaders in place. “Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.” (Romans 13:1)
    Marianne is suggesting a rebellion which I find much more disturbing. Spirituality what we should be doing is now praying for President Trump, he has said himself he needs God more now than ever. He takes his job serving the citizens of America very very seriously!

  • sroesser

    Are you aware the debt increased under Obama 6.666 Trillion? You are making assumptions about what will happen in this next 4 years. I think your worrying is unfounded.

  • Carolyn Permentier

    Yes, I believe President Trump is a true patriot and has taken this gigantic task on because someone, who’s not a Globalist-controlled minion, had to do it… in order to STOP the final takeover that was/is an imminent threat to America and the rest of the world.

    IMO, the paid puppets like Obama, the Clintons and so many more have successfully manipulated about half the US population into believing bad is good and good is bad.

    They pretend to be the saviors and the ‘do-gooders,’ while inciting racial riots at home, using a well-known manipulation tactic of divide and conquer… if they keep the sheeple, fighting amongst themselves, they’re easier to control. Just get one half to, eventually, turn on the other half. Sounds eerily familiar, does’t it?

    The liberals, who’ve been hijacked, are playing right into their hands, destroying the fabric of freedom and liberty from the inside out. It’s Mind-control 101. Brilliant strategy.

    Then they arm/fund some terrorist groups in the ME, with what end game? In part, it’s to create a flood of refugees into our country and also other countries, playing on our sympathies as a loving/welcoming nation, while in reality they are expecting Jihadists to sneak in among them and to DO what they’re DOING… raping and killing people.

    It’s all be design. But the liberals don’t know what is really at stake here. They probably don’t know anything about the REAL battle that we, as a planet, are fighting for our freedoms. And the fight has just begun.

    The propaganda media can do nothing now, but attack Trump. They’re totally out of plays. The ONLY path they have is to fight to the death to maintain ignorance. Most of them probably don’t even know the real game plan… but the top dawgs do.

    So, President Trump and all the other true Patriots, who are lovers of freedom and prosperity must stick it out.

    Our WIN over the Globalist agenda to enslave us will accrue to everyone… even those on the left, fighting against the very people, who are fighting for their freedom and for their liberty.

    Yes, I agree with you. President Trump, I feel, is growing in spiritual maturity every day. He is fully aware that the ‘Resistance’ could murder him, like they did JFK. It’s a very real threat.

    These Liberals, again, are RESISTING their own freedom. President Trump and the brave men and women, working with him, know the threats of which I speak. And alternative media sources have been speaking truth for many years… and at least half the country KNOWS what’s at stake.

    I am genuinely saddened, by Marianne’s “resistance.” Even the name is inflammatory, divisive… the antithesis of UNITY Consciousness for which all semi-enlightened people know as the ultimate attainment.

    May we stop the divisiveness and help RESTORE the Republic this country was before it was hijacked. We are ALL Americans. And President Trump, I feel, is true Americana.

  • sroesser

    I couldn’t disagree more with Marianne Williamson’s assessment of our present situation. You see the American people did see the house was on fire & yelled fire 🔥. This is why they voted in Donald Trump. God did trust the outcome to us and worked through us because we did what His powerful word says “If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)
    Your opinion of a Trump presidency is just that your opinion! Your great resistance movement is much more disturbing to me. I’m reminded of another scripture that says: “Let every person be loyally subject to the governing (civil) authorities. For there is no authority except from God [by His permission, His sanction], and those that exist do so by God’s appointment. (Romans 13:1)
    The highest spiritual calling you all have at this Sister Giant, is to pray for President Donald Trump and for his cabinet. Pray for all our leaders and for our nation. President Trump has recently said in an interview that he needs God now more than ever. I believe his desire is to serve all Americans & to foster good relationships with the rest of the world. I know who’s light shines within me & that’s the light of Jesus Christ, my source of power through His Holy Spirit. Many blessings to all of you attending this conference. I will be praying for the presence of the Lord to permeate the entire weekend.

  • Shodo

    So many of the comments below simply make me feel sick. Marianne, thank you for organizing the conference. The Trump supporters below will learn soon enough – I hope – and join us in standing up for humanity and the earth.

  • shawn dunning

    “SISTER GIANT is dedicated to forging a deeper conversation about what is happening in America today – and what we can do to change it” I think it would be great to invite the “true experts” in the subject matter…the ones who actually live in/with the problems that need solutions. Hollywood and politicians are so far removed. Find refugees that want to make a difference, find children who have made a positive impact on the school system, LCBT that can clearly state their problems instead of their victimization, it could be enlightening! Thrilled someone is trying to find a solution instead of forcing their opinion on someone else or judging and not loving other people because of their opinions. THANK YOU

  • sroesser

    From reading Marianne’s article I’m not getting that at all. She wants to forge a resistance to the man who fairly & squarely won the office of the Presidency. I find that very disturbing. This is not a solution, but a last ditch effort to gather others like her who are still having a hissy fit about their loss & try to basically impeach President Trump, because in her opinion he doesn’t deserve to be president. This to me is very judgemental & goes against what she teaches about love. Like I said in a previous comment, God is the one who puts leaders into place. (1Peter 2:13-17) This verse talks about respecting the authorities, whatever their level; they are God’s emissaries for keeping order. It also says Exercise your freedom by serving God not by breaking the rules. Lastly it says to respect the government. This conference would serve our nation better by now praying for our new president not trying to usurp him.

  • Chas De Ferrari

    Sadly, the same arguments apply to the “other side.’ That would be your side. Division is always division, the opposite of unity. What you describe is polarity, the presence of a division. Both political sides in this country are implicated in forming that division, no doubt. Is there a global conspiracy in the background nurturing, and promoting in order to gain the ultimate control post collapse of existing institutions. Well, for some that is truth as they strongly sense and believe it as is it’s opposite (in some form) for those that strongly sense and believe that truth. We humans are just that way. Our truths we create internally for ourselves. They are based on our own individual beliefs and how we spin the story of our reality from that foundation. Clearly, this division will ultimately manifest exactly what you are expressing a fear of. Massive breakdown followed by equally massive vulnerability. Division is division regardless of which side of the chasm is currently holding the reigns of power. The entire contents of both sides of the divide will ultimately fall into the abyss when the chasm collapses.

    The question we should all be working on answering is how can we bring the two sides back together. What can be done to heal the wounding of this SEPARATION? Wounds beget wounds. Healing begets healing. At least in my world that’s an ultimate truth. I sense Marriane’s approach is heading in the direction of unity. Truly, that can not be said about President Trump’s direction. She’s absolutely correct on that point.

    Abundant Blessings, Much Light and Love… And healing!

  • shawn dunning

    I don’t have any answers. I am just an American watching fellow Americans fall down because so many people are living in fear from something they created in their own mind. I cannot figure out what everyone is so fearful of today? My life is exactly the same as it was January 1. I agree Trump won fair and square. I hear people only thinking that their opinion is right. I am guessing they are so blinded by their own ego/mind and that is why they post such negative, judgemental opinions.
    It will be interesting. I want to keep coming from love and help calm the fire, not throw kerosene on it.

  • Chas De Ferrari

    I seem to recall Regan and an S&L bailout… Billions of tax payer monies shot to Hell!

    Oh yes, let’s not forget the 2008 mortgage bubble with all of those nasty, funky derivatives built on the backs of portfolios of horrifically bad mortgages. Holy Moly and billions of bailout money later. Another product of government looking the other way while banks and Wall Street chase the golden calf of profits and bonuses. Seems like every time deregulation (a Republican favorite) shows it’s ugly face the ax falls on US taxpayers. Experience of late should back up the following truth, as sad as it is… REGULATION WILL ALWAYS BE AN ESSENTIAL PROTECTION WHEN ENTITIES FAIL TO SELF-REGULATE. And keep in mind that little if any of the players benefiting from all that mayhem were held accountable. Now that’s just sending out a fat message to the foxes that it’s open season on the chicken coop.

    On careful reflection, I totally prefer Obama’s financial legacy and am grateful we all didn’t get dumped in the impoverished toilet post-2008 collapse. That would have been a very unpleasant outcome.

  • Lynne Michelson

    Carolyn, I am truly curious… how do you feel that Trump is doing what is right? Please explain it… Send me some links – that would be helpful.

  • sroesser

    Well I guess you’ll justhave to wait & see what kind a legacy President Trump will leave.i declare it will be the best in history!!

  • Carolyn Permentier

    Something as simple as knowing that Obama increased the debt by a LOT is unknown to these people. The liberal left, under Obama/Clinton, et al, depend on gullible, naive and well-intended people to forward their agenda… they USE the very things to ‘divide’ us that they loudly-profess to believe in. They do not. They are criminals, trying to divide and conquer… a well-known CIA and manipulation tactic.

    One CIA rule: Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter accusations.

    One of Obama’s twisted lies is how he claimed credit for 10 million new jobs in American, under his watch. But a Harvard & Princeton study said 94% of them were TEMP jobs.

    People, who get their news from mainstream media have no hope of ever getting at the truth. We must be diligent in our efforts to dig, connect the dots and DISCERN fact from fiction. Not an easy task.

    Other countries had/have NO respect for Obama. He and his other puppets were well on their way of selling us out. That’s the game plan. Trump is about restoring the Republic and upholding the Constitution.

    Everything seems so chaotic because at least half the people have been effectively brainwashed. The globalists almost won. The ole tactic of ‘divide and conquer’ is still working. They pay protesters and Soros funds agitators, all the while convincing the naive people that it’s some outside force doing it.

    They have succeeded in getting at least half the people to rise up and fight against the VERY movement that will regain the freedoms that were almost destroyed, under the guise of GIVING and CARING.

    Deceit reigns supreme, with Obama, Michelle, the Clintons and so many more.

    They tried to discredit President Trump before he was elected, before he was sworn in and are still desperately trying, with Obama sending out signals to his minions to FIGHT against our elected leader.

    So, this poor woman above has become one of the brainwashed. It’s not her fault, though, because the foxes in the hen house are VERY cunning, indeed. We just have to be smarter. And, thank GOD enough of us have seen through the Globalists’ game and figured out who their puppets are… and revolted.

    Let us put down the sword of dualism, as at least semi-awakened people, and support our President, who is ALREADY doing more in less than 2 weeks than Obama did in 8 years.

    This really is a war between good and evil. And the only way the evil ones can get good people to believe them is to pretend to be one of them and pretend to care about them. It’s an age-old tactic. Don’t fall for it.

    I understand about Unity Consciousness. I even wrote a book about it. BUT, we must demonstrate UNITY, as Americans, first. It’s so basic. How can we expect to spread love and oneness across the world, if we’re divided against ourselves in our own country?

    Good, ole common horse sense needs to be employed, without any double-talk and empty promises. President promised to put ‘the people’ first… that means he promises to protect us.

    This is SO simple, yet we’ve forgotten that our founding fathers set this up already. In their wisdom, and perhaps divine inspiration, they said that the ONLY responsibility of government is to PROTECT the citizens from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

    This simple truth has been so trampled, with con men/women, intent on doing us harm. We all should want LESS government… yet, Obama & company was giving us MORE government, under the guise of loving, caring. NO, it was to dominate & control.

    Wake up! We’ve got a long, hard road ahead of restoring the Republic. Let us first Unite as Americans, in love. And then, lovingly, help as many others as possible.

    The Globalist agenda is to control/enslave the world. It’s the New World Order, and they intended to destroy America from the inside out.

    Dissolving our Sovereignty, by allowing unfettered access across our borders and into our country is ONE of the many, insidious ways they planned to destroy America. Traitors in our government, incite/fund Islamist terrorists and turn around and ALLOW them into our country to perpetuate their hatred (It’s in their religion to destroy the infidel) on American citizens.

    Many believe that Obama is a Muslim. He may even be a Jihadist, dressed in sheep’s clothing. I intuitively feel he is. What a brilliant hoax perpetrated on an entire country.

    Remember that Hitler convinced a mostly Christian Germany that HE was doing God’s work.

    Those of us who know that the ultimate truth is that God is ALL there is and, therefore, we’re all ONE or God… or an aspect of the “All That Is,” must also use discernment and realize that not everyone understands this. There ARE those, who believe they have a right/duty to KILL those who disagree with them. This is FACT; not fiction.

    May we strive toward Unity, as we fumble our way toward discerning truth from lies, right from wrong.



  • Carolyn Permentier

    I find this quite stunning that such an ‘awake/aware’ person is falling for the deception of Obama, the Clintons, et al. They have done such a great job, brainwashing so many people.

    Thankfully, though, there’s still enough Patriots, lovers of our freedoms, that we now have a chance to dig ourselves out of the treachery.

  • Carolyn Permentier

    I feel just the opposite. I hope that someday you and the others will see through the cleverly-crafted, deceit by Obama, the Clintons and many more. They’re foxes in the hen house, whose job was/is to incite division; not to promote Unity.

  • Leagh Whalen

    Carolyn, do you really believe Trump is the answer to an undivided Country? Please share your insight in a real fact based manner. I sincerely like to hear how you see Unity coming out of his latest policies.

  • Carolyn Permentier

    Thank you so much for your loving and thoughtful response to my thoughts!

    I feel the ultimate/highest truth is that we are ALL ONE. In my deeper knowing, despite what it ‘appears’ to be, I get that God is All There Is. God, Infinite Intelligence, Christ Consciousness, Energy… whatever one chooses to call it.

    However, as we stumble along our evolutionary paths toward FULL Consciousness, we are still in many ways FAR, FAR away from our ultimate destination on this 3D plane of existence.

    I SEE through the manipulations, however. And I believe there are, indeed, some very evil, corrupt and power/control megalomaniacs, who fully intend to enslave the entire planet. (It’s the New World Order.)

    And, in order to do that, they need to bring down America and, eventually, make us into a 3rd world country… keep us poor and under government domination, believing everything the government puts out because the people have been brainwashed into believing the government really CARES about them.

    Destroy America from within, while making them believe it is an outside force doing it. Martial law would have to be enacted at some point… and the rest of their agenda is too gross to even comprehend.

    BUT, remember Hitler had convinced a primarily Christian Germany that he was doing God’s work.

    Many, many German people were deceived, weren’t they? I’ve met them, actually, and talked to them. Many are so ashamed.

    I just thought of something… as we all know, Merkle has allowed thousands (if not hundreds of thousands?) of Muslims (refugees, immigrants) into Germany, virtually un-vetted, which has resulted in so much violence to women.

    I wonder if it’s perhaps the unconscious, psyche of the people due to the Holocaust… maybe the shame… and not wanting to repeat that mistake.

    I’ve read, though I’ve not tried to confirm it, that Merkle is Hitler’s granddaughter. I digress…

    To your point that President Trump’s direction is NOT about unity, but rather he’s a “lightening rod for internal division….”

    I suggest the exact opposite is true. I see that he is keeping his word to the American people to put them FIRST. If we are not UNIFIED, as a country, how can we help the rest of the world to be unified in their countries??

    Every country deserves their own Sovereignty, would you agree? Our government has, ostensibly, believed in this for other countries and have set out to protect their right to be a free, sovereign society.

    So, while it is not Planetary Unity (which is the ultimate goal), it’s a step TOWARD that reality on the Earth plane, would you agree?

    Right now, the Planet at large is NOT ready to put aside all their various religious doctrines, are they? Look at all the different ones INSIDE Christianity? I believe and aspire to ONE, as you do, apparently. But, we’re still quibbling over the various sects within Christianity.

    First things first. Do we want to save ourselves from a hostile take-over or not? Do we want to live in prosperity or poverty? Because I believe that both of these hopes/dreams would NOT be tolerated and, in fact, the Cabal, globalists (via operatives in high places in our government) were well on their way to destroying the very fabric upon which the country was founded.

    This probably sounds like a lot of mental rubbish to many “Spiritual” people. I have been one of them, so I know. I don’t like to think of these things… and my challenge is to KEEP my joy, my peace and my integrity in spite of all the upheavals. This is not an easy task for me, I promise you. 🙂

    At the foundation of any kind of philosophy, though, is FREEDOM. And maybe it all boils down to that. We either believe that our freedom was being, systematically, destroyed by Obama/Clinton puppets, at the behest of the controlling elite… or we believe they’re the good guys, with a true love for America and our freedom, and Trump is the bad guy.

    All I can really say, with facts/action to prove it, is that President Trump is already making good on his promises to the American people. I see his commitment and dedication and straight talk as a TRUE Patriot, whose actions follow his words.

    Truly refreshing. Truly Americana. And we must unite in America before we have a tinker’s damn chance of helping the rest of the world unite.

    Obama is showing his true colors for ALL to see. He is still inciting the liberals to protest against the President of the United States. He is a traitor to our country and to the Constitution.

    I think it’s time to get real. We’re facing real dangers from really evil people, who prey on the innocents. Oh my, there’s so much more. And it’s so horribly evil that it makes the Holocaust pale in comparison.

    May God guide President Trump and everyone, who knows what’s at stake. Because is is a real and present danger. President Trump knows it.

    I assert Trump’s a lightening rod, alright, but NOT for internal division as you say. Desperate times call for desperate measures. What this man has to do is major surgery… no bandaid approach or half measures will do.

    I feel he gets his inner direction from ‘good’ (call that God). And, yes, it’s historic. We are witnessing perhaps the MOST critical time in the Planet’s history.

    The fight is real. It’s about good over evil or God over God-less. And only a man, with balls of steel, would be willing to put himself in this kind of real danger. He’s taking $1.00/year in salary. He already had enough power and money to probably buy a few countries, so it can’t be about that for him. So what’s left?

    Maybe, just maybe he really does love this country, like he says he does. He is PROVING it to me every day.

    A lot of well-meaning people have been hoodwinked for so long that if Obama told them the sky was green; not blue… they’d agree with him.

    We live in an upside down, surreal reality right now. The bad look good and the good look bad.

    In closing, I’d simply ask that everyone start looking to alternative media sources… those NOT owned by the Clinton-controlled mafia. They are the mouthpieces for the Liberal’s hidden agenda, yet most of them are victims, too.

    WATCH. Just Watch. Trump will either continue to keep his word to Americans, or he won’t. So far, he’s nothing short of stunning in my book. And my only agenda is to live in peace and prosperity in a FREE America and, hopefully, someday in a free world where LOVE reigns supreme.

    Love and light to you, too, Chas!


  • Carolyn Permentier

    It’s pretty obvious to me, too, sadly.

  • Carolyn Permentier

    Your voice toward Unity is so appreciated! Despite how this movement is ‘couched,’ it is as the name suggests, a RESISTANCE.

    A resistance to keeping us free, safe and prosperous! It’s very deluded to me.

  • Carolyn Permentier

    Hi Lynne,

    Assuming you’re sincere, I’ll attempt a response. Did you hear his Inaugural address? If not, I’d suggest you start there.

    He promised to return the government BACK to the people, instead of it existing for the cronies in Washington. To return our country to the rule of law/back to the Constitution.

    He promised to bring back jobs and, even before he took office, he had the commitment from several manufacturing companies, like Ford, Chrysler and Carrier Airconditioning to agree to build factories in the US, bringing them back from other countries, like China.

    Why had they left the US in the first place? They were buried under regulations (gov’t interference) and taxes. Trump is going to get rid of the massive regulations and cut taxes on these corporations to make it appealing for them to operate in the US.

    And, he made it clear, in a meeting with business leaders and union leaders (find it on You Tube) that there would be an import tax on their products when they come back into our country from Mexico, China or wherever they come from, IF they choose to remain there. Even THIS had not been done.

    The latest move that’s gotten so much hysterical, much ado about nothing, backlash is another promise he made that he’s keeping (unlike Obama, who did nothing he said he would do) and that is to STOP illegals from freely pouring into our country from Mexico and the temporary ban on Syrian refugees and the vetting of people coming in from the 7 countries that Obama had listed.

    I don’t have time to search for links for you, but if you only search on You Tube, you’ll find SO much!!

    There’s Breitbart, Drudge Report and Alex Jones… all of these have many more viewers than the mainstream media, who are no more than the Left’s mouthpiece, bought and paid for.

    It because of the unbiased reporting of these independent media (and many more), along with other patriots and whistleblowers that a majority of the people learned what’s really going on. It’s been a very, very long time coming.

    I hope this helps. I’ll try to respond again, if you have more questions. BUT, it’s best if you seek it out for yourself. Don’t listen to what I say… find it yourself. It’s out there.

    Oh, and search for the Congressional Government Oversight Committee’s videos… they are incredible! They’re going to continue to probe into Hillary and her foundations, which are SO criminal.

    Thank God for Gowdy and Chaffetz!
    They’re on the House Committee for Oversight & Government Reform and have the support of President Trump to do their job, instead of being stonewalled by the outgoing administration.



  • Carolyn Permentier


    I think the most casual observer would agree that this country is, in fact, divided.

    I find it interesting that you’re asking me for ‘fact based’ comments when your first sentence is the antithesis of ‘fact.’

    The very FACT that Marianne is forming a ‘RESISTANCE’ movement against President Trump refutes what you are saying… “an undivided country.”

    If you’ll read some of my other comments, I point out just a few of the very obvious things that he’s doing (that he promised he’d do) already… some of which he did even before he took office.

    These are things he promised to do to return the government to the people. Over half the country believed our country had been infiltrated by ‘bad people’ and was headed toward a bad end, while the other less than half believed Hillary Clinton would have made a good president.

    I don’t have the time or inclination to try to ‘prove’ why I think HRC is a criminal and should be prosecuted, but there is AMPLE evidence of some of what she has done, along with her foundations, and there’s an on-going investigation.

    Search for the Congressional Government Oversight Committee’s videos on You Tube… they are incredible! You’ll find them grilling FBI Director Comey, Loretta Lynch and Hillary.

    They’re going to continue to probe into Hillary and her foundations, which are SO criminal. Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz, the chairman of the committee, will continue to investigate Hillary.

    They have the support of President Trump to do their job, instead of being stonewalled by the outgoing administration and special interests, especially HRC’s.

    So how will Unity come out of President Trump’s “latest” policies? I don’t which ones you allude to, since he’s just started to DO what he said he would do, in order to keep American citizens safe, to get back companies that have moved abroad (Mexico, China), which will create jobs. (Read more in other comments)

    Unity… as I said before, his job is to first put America FIRST. Our country has not been put first in a very long time. And you’d need to do a lot of research and ‘dot-connecting’ to understand this, if you don’t.

    I believe he will put Americans/our country… he’s already doing it. He’s bringing manufacturing back, which means jobs. He’s getting us out of trade deals that benefit other countries; not the US., like TPP.

    He’s putting a stop to illegals pouring across our southern border from Mexico and is doing what Obama should have done and that is to ensure more Islamist Jihadists do not sneak through, with Syrian refugees/others, by imposing better vetting.

    Progressive liberals are only up & arms because it’s Trump doing it. IF Obama had done it, it would have been fine. In fact, the 7 countries were taken from Obama’s list. And Obama banned Iraqis from entering the US for 6 months at one time, and no one raised a whisper.

    I talked about Unity Consciousness in another comment and don’t have time to get into it. It is, I feel, the ultimate truth… we are all ONE. But, collectively, we’re a long way from realizing that.

    Divide & conquer is a tactic of manipulation, which I think those, who want to keep things stirred up have done (inciting riots, funding protests, inciting racial divides) for a long time.

    A country cannot UNITE, as just Americans, when there are factions that are, purposely, causing divisions.

    As President Trump has said, making America strong/sovereign is not to say we don’t want other countries to be strong… we do! Just not at the expense of America.

    President Trump actually wants prosperity for everyone, everywhere, starting with America FIRST.

    There’s a saying that is so true, I feel. I may or may not get it precisely correct.

    “As America goes, so goes the rest of the world.”

    America used to be great and served as a beacon to the rest of the world, but those days were gone. Most of us just didn’t know how close we came to being toast. The enemy within almost won. And it ain’t over, yet.

    I believe Trump will go down in history as leading the way toward a brighter, peaceful tomorrow.

    Have you heard that Israel is going to nominate him for the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize?

    Other countries will respect him. I think they already are. I think they, too, see he’s a man of his word.



  • Carolyn Permentier

    Julia, without meaning you disrespect, “Big government” is a term used to describe the overreaching of government regulations… agency upon agency upon more agencies to pry and probe into our lives in ways that many people aren’t even aware of.

    Trump has succeeded in spite of all this government interference and taxing that’s caused SO many companies to close down their factories and move away.

    The economic injustice, I would argue, is the LACK of job creation, brought about by Obama’s administration. OMG, then there’s the derivatives market bubble, the financial crisis, the horrible trade deals, the infrastructure debacle… even the failed health care system.

    TAXES… oh my, taxes continue to go up and up and yet nothing gets done. Where does our money go? Not on infrastructure, not on schools, not on inner cities to keep them safer and bring jobs, which would SEVERELY curtail the violence.

    Much of it goes to social programs to take care of “illegal” immigrants that Obama & company have failed, on purpose, to stop. It’s by design.

    President Trump is going to cut the Corporate tax from 35% to 20% and he’s also going to cut taxes on the Middle Class; I forget how much now. AND help small businesses also!

    Under Obama, the National debt went from an astronomical $10 Trillion to $19.6 Trillion… what’s that, about 86% MORE???

    Manufacturing companies, like Ford, Chrysler and Carrier AC are coming back… that means jobs. Construction on roads, bridges, water plants, etc = jobs.

    More jobs = more consumer spending = Prosperity.

    Maybe he’ll be able to force the greedy banks to start lending to little people again. Maybe small businesses can even get loans.

    When people are able to make a decent living for their families, they are happy. And when there’s opportunities in the inner cities, like Chicago, the crime rate may go down.

    There’s so much more to say, but I have to dash…



  • Leagh Whalen

    Our response to post-truth and fake news was to create a blog dedicated to restoring the fundamental principles of human dignity, fair process and integrity in the digital age. It’s called Evolving Public Culture. If you consider yourself an open minded, loving person…have a look at this site.

  • Sarah Skinner

    Two weeks in and it’s pretty damned scarey!

  • Sarah Skinner

    I think you are in for a rude awakening and delusional, but I wish you well.

  • Sarah Skinner

    I hope you’re watching the news tonight. Trump’s Muslim ban has been found unconstitutional by a federal judge today. The raid he approved in Yeman was a disaster! There will no doubt be a big investigation into that. Trump is getting his advise from Steve Bannon, a well known “white supremacist” type. Trump is not qualified for the job of president. He is already putting Americans serving in middle eastern countries in danger and caused the death of a Seal team 6 member. Not to mention many Yemani civilians. Get ready fro WWlll if he’s in office much longer. Heaven help us all.

  • sroesser

    Scarey! What is scarey about a president who puts the safety of America first, who has already brought more jobs back, and who isn’t afraid to stop spending federal dollars on organizations who don’t need it, thereby bringing down our debt. No he is the right man for the job in this season. Your fear is unfounded. You really need to stop listening to the mainstream media.

  • Julie Soiseth-Farmer

    Now is not the time to fight,
    But a time to UNITE.

    It is time to RISE, and stand for those whose voices have been silenced by oppression and prejudice..
    It is time to RISE, and look injustice square in the face.

    It is time to RISE and draw upon our strength as compassionate beings and to channel our energies into determined peaceful resistance, and resolution. Let truth and love be our super power, and may it summon each of us to the resistance.. NOW, begins the true revolution of this nation , and ultimately, the evolution of our souls.

  • Julie Soiseth-Farmer

    Perhaps, sometimes, the Creator you are referring to sometimes allows for individuals to be put into roles of leadership not to be honored, but to become a catalyst of global change. Hitler, Stalin, Pot Pot, etc. all responsible for killing millions of innocents. If we are to respect and abide by all leaders as they are appointed by ‘God’ as noted, then we have to question how these men should be remembered by all. The question arises then from this view is, should leaders such as Hitler be honored and revered by ourselves and all history? Do we have our interpreting of him wrong? Has the world consciousness been ‘wrong’ in rising to stop the annihilation of millions based upon their religious affiliation, race, gender, disability, etc?

    And even further, are we all not children of our Creator and deserving of life? What purpose would we be given life, if only to be exterminated by a leader who is determined by God.

    Or could the Creator intend for us to discover, to learn from our choices collectively, that all life must be protected and revered through allowing these examples of leaders to exist?

    Perhaps sometimes, our Creator leaves that decision to us. Perhaps we were not created as robots mindlessly doing God’s will because that would not be from a the deepest sense of love as intended for our creation. Perhaps we were valued, loved and trusted enough, to learn from our own decisions and actions?

    Perhaps this President is forcing us to choose a side in this era. Perhaps now is the time we decide to choose separatism or do we choose unity. Do we choose to exclude, or include? Do we choose to have mercy or resentment of those different than ourselves? Do we choose war, or peace?
    Perhaps this President was elected to instead reflect back to us, the shadows of human nature.

    And yet finally, perhaps there is another way. May truth, justice and compassion find the way now at this time.

    Wishing you love and light dear sister.

  • Julie Soiseth-Farmer

    No matter what you say,
    No matter what you do,
    May you find the way of truth and compassion.
    Although you used words of anger and divisiveness, you were created in love and love is your destiny.

    Please be true to your inner nature and consider the power and impact of your words.

    We do not always know the journey each of us has tread and the battles faced.

    Peace be with you

  • Carolyn Permentier

    Sarah, calling me delusional is pretty funny, actually.

    But, I’ll attempt to share some things that ‘may’ help to expand your awareness, if you’re open to do so?

    If you depend on getting your news from mainstream media, you’ll likely be very misinformed. I recommend this link for you to check out to see how the whole Yeman thing came about. (It’s very different that what you’ve likely heard/read. It had been actually planned, by Obama, but left for his successor to carry out.):

    Regarding the temporary bans on the 7 countries, with Syria being possibly indefinitely:

    Islamists are getting into the US and CURRENTLY killing people. This is a fact; not conjecture. (You can research it.)

    The vetting procedures are NOT working and way too many times, criminals (after sneaking in) have been caught, but released back into our society. Remember the woman responsible for 14 deaths in San Bernadino, CA?

    There’s a wealth of information here, with Congressmen Chaffetz and Gowdy, interviewing various people involved with DHS, April, 2015, and the VERY real dangers, with our failing immigration policies/procedures for vetting:

    One of many takeaways is:

    Policies of Obama’s administration led to the release of 86,288 criminal aliens, who committed 231,074 crimes, since 2013.

    You say it’s scary? My dear, it would be SO much scarier, if the same ‘Sale of America’ had continued under Hillary.

    President Trump has SOO much to fix because I believe (and many others also) that Obama (a professed Muslim) was specifically chosen to finish the takedown of our country.

    If you haven’t been studying this stuff for many years, I can only imagine how bizarre this sounds to you. BUT, I fear it’s true.

    The division the Liberals are perpetuating is playing right into the hands of the Globalist agenda, of which Obama and the Clintons are a part.

    Like Marianne, the riots and protests… the ‘Resistance’ is YOU being played. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Those, who seek to bring America down to a 3rd world country, are USING you to accomplish their mission.

    Divide & Conquer is their technique and you all are buying it.

    I hope you’ll take the time to educate yourself and learn from the very committee that’s conducting hearings to try to fix our broken immigration policies.



  • Bruce Gruber


    t is one thing to sit in the pew, nod “Amen”, and grasp the invisible hand of judgment – pointing at another with disrespect. It is quite another to do the homework and seek out the golden path of opportunism on which you tread.

    Noting that a child born of mixed parentage in Hawaii decades ago with birth announcement and (not unusual) strained upbringing is (somehow) a sinister plot by unnamed co-conspirators to ‘steal’ the Presidency is a stretch for even the most profoundly indoctrinated.

    Neglecting the opposition cabal’s admitted conspiracy to deny a President’s EVERY effort to resolve a multitude of national calamities by refusing to offer ‘anything’ but “NO!” is suicidal ‘plucking of the remaining eye’.

    Relinquishing ALL to an invisible and incoherent god that (apparently) speaks differently to EACH of its adherents, then separately pursing a disparate medley of individual interpretations of vengeful promise, suggests “righteousness” (?!?) only in the practiced ‘art’ of a mad dog attack.

    Presuming respect and adoration/adherence to petty, randomized ‘tweets’ in a schoolyard bully’s absence of both substance and forethought, while denigrating the efforts at peaceful observation by a predecessor chosen by a vast majority of one’s countrymen, exposes blind bias. Antagonism to any and all who may disagree certainly cannot be the hallmark of your definition of the America you foresee.

  • Bruce Gruber

    And his ‘amazing” and “stupendous” appointment of a ‘terrific’ paragon of educational ‘expertise’ in Ms. DeVos just might offer ‘some’ a ‘mote’ of perception in the utility of learning English grammar (and ‘spelling’ through the fog of unbridled fantasy).

  • Bruce Gruber

    Defended by ‘Tweets’, firings, denigration of allies and derision toward fellow public servants in a nation in which each and ALL are entitled to a handful of ‘freedoms’ against autocratic, dictatorial, or imperious egotism … is not the definition I would attach to the propaganda pablum of “the safety of America first”!

  • Bruce Gruber

    ‘Feeling” is an honest expression of emotional reaction – not to truth, but to belief. While I share your frustration with “cleverly-crafted, deceit”, the “foxes”to whom you allude are messengers, not perpetrators. Their ‘opinions’ and ‘offerings’ may BE intended to incite division in perception between BOTH your ‘feelings’ and mine, but the source is NOT the messenger.

    Follow the $money$ and you may come to agree that our lives are controlled by the 0.1% who own the majority voting stock holdings in fewer than ten multinational corporations where they ‘literally’ appoint boards of directors and corporate CEOs whose “JOB” is to insure ever-increasing profits, capital gains, interest, dividends, acquisitions and maintenance & expansion of ‘ownership’ – of EVERYTHING of value. Insuring that ‘progress’ is the task of the minions who are paid well to buy influence, public servants, laws, freedom from regulation and exemption from responsibility from ANY intrusion into the system – including freedom from taxation and direct participation in the conflicts and wars from which they derive their greatest ‘profits’.

    Each, alone, is neither responsible for decisions or directly implicated in the operations of the minions who conduct the competitions between and among this ‘superiority’ of oligarchy – a “righteous” philosophical consciousness of entitlement gleaned from survival of the fittest, reptilian instinct for domination and control – self-preservation at the “top of the heap” that, collectively, is viewed as the exploitation of labor and natural resources for their benefit.

    It is a SINGULAR establishment that ‘plays’ at the game of “Monopoly”. IT uses our anger at one another – over gods, laws, rights, survival, being “right”, or “who’s on first” to divide and distract us from the puppet master strings they employ to keep us in our “place”. WE are NOT enemies – but we are taught to THINK we are so that we do NOT look down into the whirlpool to hell they have designed for us.

    Allegorical? Yes! Over the top? Maybe. Just THINK about it when you pick an ‘enemy’ to hate or fear … do you ‘really’ KNOW them – as people? … did you SEE the actions you are led to BELIEVE they do (or allegedly) did? can you ACTUALLY research and inspect the information with which THEIR media “entertain’ you (they, the shareholders, own and control ALL the mass media). Do you KNOW? …or THINK? … or do you just FEEL? … because …?

  • Carolyn Permentier

    Hi Bruce,

    What, no pix? 🙂

    I checked out the top 9 Bruce Grubers on LinkedIn, but most, like you, don’t have a pix attached.

    Anyway, thank you for your comment/sharing. IMO, what we see going on in America right now is the beginnings of a Civil War, if not thwarted. And it’s reached this crescendo, after SO many years of the Globalist’s ‘minions’ in every facet of government,

    They have succeeded in creating a HUGE divide, using a well-known tactic of ‘divide & conquer.’ And, yes, I’m painfully aware that the mainstream media is controlled by the globalists… architects of the New World Order.

    Do I know or think or do I just feel, you ask? All of the above. I’ve been tracking this scent for a very long time.

    You can read some of the other comments I’ve made (way too long for most, I’m sure). 🙂 But I know that George Soros funded many of the protesters. I know about HRC’s pay to play debacle, which I read Chafetz and Dowdy will continue to investigate.

    I read the Clinton Foundation is closing. No more money coming in!

    With the fear of sounding like an alarmist, I genuinely feel in my gut (which is about the only thing I rely on, btw) the President Trump is a true Patriot and is committed to keeping America safe.

    BUT, everything is so upside down… half the country (protesting Liberals) believe right is wrong, black is white and up is down.

    The truth, as I see it, is that the temporary ‘travel ban’ on the 7 countries is to FIX our broken immigration policies. It is NOT because they’re Muslim. The religious propaganda is just used to further incite the Liberals. It’s all orchestrated.

    The lack of proper vetting is tragically-obvious. Witness Orlando and San Bernadino. And many other countries as well.

    You probably know that, under Obama’s administration, 86,288 criminal clients have been released BACK into our society, since 2013… and they’ve committed 231,074 crimes. (From hearings of the House Oversight Committee on Gov’t Reform)

    There are many more stats to cite, but I don’t have time and this is not the forum for this type of elaboration.

    The monsters behind the curtain, pulling the strings, are using the already-simmering powder keg of religious-division to INCITE hatred and to keep the world in turmoil, while they continue their plan to enslave all of humanity.

    Mass consciousness is slowly waking from its slumber, induced by the notion of a ‘Divided God,’ which produces the hundreds of religions.

    But, as it relates to the Sovereignty and safety of America first, which is President Trump’s duty, the ‘Open Society’ fostered by George Soros/others is ultimately to destroy America.

    I pray that the dissenters will at least wake up enough to SEE that there really IS a very real, not imagined, danger to allow people from Islamic countries to enter into the US, improperly vetted.

    The woman, who killed the 14 people in San Bernadino was not properly vetted.

    And the terrorist of Orlando was investigated by the FBI on TWO occasions and put on a watch list. But, it turns out that being put on a ‘watch list’ does NOT prevent the purchase of firearms.

    To the media question, I’ll say that because they are Cabal-controlled, it is impossible for citizens to trust what they report. They lie. ONLY, by lots of intel gathering and dot.connecting does one have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting at the truth. And even then, I still have to use my own common sense and finely-honed intuition.

    We’re living in a perilous time.

    I feel we’re all ONE family… the Human Family. BUT each country deserves their own Sovereignty.

    So much more to say, to share, but alas… I must go write for my clients who pay me. 🙂



  • Bruce Gruber

    I appreciate your investment in a response to my post. While listed in LinkedIn, I am not seeking business opportunities or employment, so the site is ‘very’ idle’. My Facebook page, by contrast, is completely public. My history and associations are transparent an I am always curious at the social ‘paranoia’ that so many practice as ‘privacy’. If pictures are inadequate to convey sufficient insight, I am happy to “share” those which have NOT been posted to Facebook

    It is possible we differ on the application of the term “minions”. You allude to “government” minions, whom I would consider the ‘appointees’ of Administrations who are rewarded , challenged, or enabled by various Presidents for their contributions, support, or philosophical vision that is consistent with the President’s expectations. My view does NOT include the public servants who accept responsibility to work at their tasks for the public policies which the Constitution, Laws and Regulations of governance proscribe. Should such “public” servant ‘workers differ in philosophy or intent from the tasks assigned

  • Bruce Gruber

    Honestly, I “believe” what got Donald Trump elected was: FIRST, the TeaParty adherents who emotionally wanted to “stick it!” to perceived intellectuals they were convinced looked down on them and whom they believed had stolen THEIR ‘superiority” and given it away to worthless, lazy people (all thought to be non-white) with their hands out for free money (with whom none would be willing to trade places – Romney’s 47% fantasy). I would guess that they made up about 20% of the vote and fully 60% of Trump’s voters (in a large number of low population, economically disadvantaged states whose Electoral College votes gave Trump the majority of his “victory”) .

    NEXT, Trump perhaps benefited from half of the pro-Bernie/anti-Hillary progressive Democrats who refused to continue the paternalistic, establishment, incremental slide away from an egalitarian society toward a plutocracy of multinational corporate domination of ‘politics’. My guess is that about 25% of Democrats MAY have voted against Hillary, hoping that Trump MIGHT be a ‘closet’ liberal who could destroy the Republican establishment (that ended up financing Hillary after JEB! tanked). At the very least, they would attempt to rid the Democratic Party of its faux-progressive trickery. Their votes, possibly, made up 20% of Trump’s votes – certainly NOT for his message or pretense at policy.

    Lastly, it is likely that traditional, country club Republicans voted their ‘down ballot’ desire for Congressional control to accomplish tax savings (they don’t like ‘civic-imposed charity”) and some 20% of Trump’s votes came from GOP stalwarts who held their noses while voting straight ticket.

    Therefore, your implication that a wellspring of LIGHT over darkness is not consistent with MY sense that opportunistic GOP traditionalists who, likely, deplored the embarrassment of Trump’s racist, misogynist pandering PLUS disaffected Democrats trying to stop the neocon war tribunal behind Hillary (who also deplored Trump’s incoherent pandering to bigotry and race-baiting) were almost half of his 45% of the popular ‘vote’ you and he seem to see as a “mandate” for “PROTECTING” Americans from “globalism” – which I would equate with corporate, multi-national (’cause they don’t consider themselves beholding to American politics that they “buy”) – AND those ‘other’ religions whose ‘fundamentalist fanatics’ ALSO enjoy ‘open carry’ and the murder and bombing of those whose politics and religious views they hold to be ‘impure’.

    I think it is much more a HUMAN righteousness “thingy” than a failure of the ONE! TRUE! GOD! to post a universal skywriting ‘event’ to assert his/her dissatisfaction with the 3/4 of mankind that doesn’t genuflect to the ‘originalist’ interpretations of the OLD Testament AND the revised, humanist caring reflected in the teachings of the Prince of Peace.

  • Bruce Gruber


    Please note that in excess of 30,000 people are ANNUAL victims of firearms death in the USA. Another 30,000 are killed yearly in automobile accidents. “Foreigners”- inspired as religious fanatics – have accounted for about 3,100 US deaths attributable to immigration. That is 60,000 X 16 years. Get REAL. Almost a million (960,000+) preventable deaths here at home, and we focus on WAR against Islam and banishment of Muslims … please, where does your ‘fear’ come from? Trump? Do you think he is ‘afraid’ when making hundreds of millions in deals in Muslim countries?

  • Bruce Gruber

    sroesser – please ask your ALL KNOWING god to light up the sky with a universal message of peace and prosperity so that ALL of us can join in your fantasies.
    Absent that, please explain which “human” character flaw condemns us to murderous disagreements over virtually every aspect of ‘interpretation’ of the PERFECT WORD that defines your understanding of ‘faith’

  • sroesser

    Bruce I would encourage you to ask God yourself. He is a loving God & wants an intimate relationship with each & every one of us. Taste & see that The Lord is good.

  • Doris Russell-Gonzalez

    We need change. But it is not Trump Change. It is American Change.

  • Doris Russell-Gonzalez

    I thank Trump for Trump for I am forever changed. Not going back ever. I am for change. American change. We are in it now. We are changing and we are going to come out of this for the better. We are waking up. The Civil Rights Movement is Unfinished. We need to come together. This is one country. This is one planet. This is one world. I see a world without passports. One passport. One world. Yes. Yes. Yes. Too futuristic for u. Not for me.

  • Doris Russell-Gonzalez

    Tracking the scent. Tracking the scent. Wow. Good for u. Tracking the scent. The scent is Peace. Wow. Peace. Wow Brotherly Love. Wow. The seven corporal works of mercy. Wow. Peace Carolyn Peace is the scent.

  • Bruce Gruber

    Points for proselytizing. Inasmuch as I consider telepathy and telekinesis to be possible evolutionary directions for whatever succeeds mankind (if we don’t execute the weirdos when it happens), I even accept prayers for my salvation. Still, I don’t require third party forgiveness for my shortcomings and everlasting paradise as the schematic promise for adoration isn’t a grace or blessing I find necessary … 70-odd virgins, either.
    But since you enjoy such a fulfilling relationship and close communication, your likelihood of generating a readable message should vastly exceed my own … I can’t even get a hearing with Beelzebub. I do note, however, that grass blades bend forward in anticipation of the mower’s approach. Maybe the spirit has closer ties to the innocent … but, then, there ARE weeds.

  • danielgeery

    Truly major and so simple: One world, one species.

  • George Miljevich

    Marriane,I feel that you should run for president in 2020.Perhaps with Tom Steyer as vice president.A lady from our church attended the Sister Giant conference.I will talk to her about her experience there.I feel that together we can

  • Anita Jagt

    Wow Carolyn. You sure do have all the right wing propaganda down. Most of the accusations you have made about the Clinton’s have been investigated over and over again and nothing to show for all those tax payers $$$$. The Obama accusations are absolutely absurd and have no facts to back them up. You need to stop watching faux news and living in that alternative realty. Its hard to do these days will all the garbage out there, but you must be vigilant in separating facts from fiction. If you want to know where the real corruption lies, do some fact checking into the business dealings and Charitable foundations of your savior Trump.
    Also Trump not only incited violence, racial slurs, misogyny which has created enormous divide and tension across this great country, but he has perpetuated lies about others for political gain.
    Now a month into his Presidency Jewish centers and schools are being evacuated because of bomb threats. An American citizen of Indian decent was gunned down by a Trump supporter because he thought the man was an Iranian. He told him to get out of his country. He implemented a ban that was clearly an attack on the Muslim Religion. My gay son and his boyfriend were accosted at a starbucks by a man who said Stop that ( the were holding hands) Trump is president now you need to go back in your dungeon and quit making people feel uncomfortable. He called the F—— Fagots and followed them out of the coffee shop and for 3 blocks. At one point he said I could kill you both in 2 seconds.( Before #45 they never ever had an issue in there town and he specifically used his name) He has created a greater divide in our Country. Did he start this hateful condition. No ~ but he gave those that feel this way the green light to publicly come out and express their hate and often times excerpt violence towards those they target . Clearly this is not a man capable of healing the great divide you speak of and actually he has ignited it!

    I am a firm believer that the darkness must be exposed to heal and make way for our next evolution.That is why the rise of Trump was inevitable. The darkness is now exposed for the whole world to see and now it must be addressed! Blessings to those like Marianne and the Sister Giant crew who have dedicated their lives to the mission of bringing light into the darkness.

    Onward and Upward!

  • Anita Jagt

    Bruce you have done an excellent job here of bringing light and wisdom to Carolyn’s posts!

  • Anita Jagt

    He is a Nationalist not a patriot . There is a huge difference! Blind Patriotism is blanketed Nationalism that is led by fascist dictators. I would guess Trump has never even read the constitution.

  • Anita Jagt


  • Anita Jagt

    You keep saying you don’t have much time and yet you have page long posts here that are filled with nothing but the talking points of Faux news.Give us some credible sources to back up your claims.
    This man thinks he is King and can do anything he wants!
    We have checks and balances!

    The truth will set you free!

  • Anita Jagt

    The old Patriarchy is trying to hold on and fighting like hell. The new energy is here and is inevitable. Just a matter of time, but wow who could have known it would be so strong in its efforts to maintain the status quo. The light of evolution is upon us, When big change is coming it can look chaotic and messy for a while but there is no going fully backwards. A few back steps maybe!
    Onward ~ upward
    Love always wins!

  • How sad that my comments and links were removed. Can’t handle the truth but want to sensor it instead? Know this, you will NEVER change ANYTHING until you face the truth…you are all suffering from “cognitive dissonance” and won’t confront the REAL Elephant in the room. Its truly SO SAD to see so many intelligent people here who have absolutely NO IDEA what is happening to their country and won’t face the truth….so much so that you had to delete my original posts. Get ready for disaster. That is all that is left now….your deletion is PROOF of this. You don’t WANT to know the truth. So get ready for disaster….that’s all that’s left for a people who will not confront the truth.

  • What a sad and censoring forum this is. “Cognitive Dissonance” is what you are all suffering from here. If you won’t actually listen to the truth, how are you going to “change” anything?

  • SAMinBB

    More projections. just like your president.