Thom Hartmann

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Thom Hartmann is a national and internationally syndicated talk show host whose shows are available in over a half-billion homes worldwide. Thom is a New York Times bestselling, 4-times Project Censored Award winning author of 24 books in print in 17 languages on five continents.

Talkers Magazine named Thom Hartmann as the 8th most important talk show host in America in 2011, 2012, and 2013 (10th the two previous years), and for three of the past five years the #1 most important progressive host, in their “Heavy Hundred” ranking.

As an entrepreneur, he’s also founded several successful businesses which still are operating, and lived and worked with his wife, Louise, and their three children on several continents.

They also started a community for abused children and a school for autistic and ADHD kids that are all still operating in New Hampshire, and he helped start international relief programs on four continents and the largest community for abused children in the entire country of Israel.  His latest book is The Crash of 2016.

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