• Candace Radoski

    As I process and digest all of the incredible information and inspiration from the past three days, what is coming into focus for me is the critical need to promote voter education and voter rights. Ari Berman’s presentation was stunning and a real awakening. Since the election I have been moved to do something that will make a difference in some way. I marched in the women’s march, attended a forum and a training on local activism and I found my way to Sister Giant this weekend. For two weeks something has been simmering but I wasn’t sure what the what is. I am now moved to connect with voter rights advocates who are committed to justice through civil rights. There is a sense of urgency within me that is compelling me to do something now. Did anyone else have your aha moment during or after the Sister Giant conference?

  • Rosanna Marie

    Hi Candace, that’s fantastic that you feel called to promote voter education and voter rights. I’m inspired to build bridges between progressive causes. We are organizing a group gathering through the DC community page.

  • Jane Lovas

    I was amazed (and slightly overwhelmed) by the rich content provided by all the speakers at Sister Giant. I was inspired to join Wolfpac to see what we can do to get BIG MONEY out of politics.

    I’d also like to create an ongoing dialog with a variety of groups, with the intention that action will come out of it. I have a meeting space in Springfield. Please let me know if you’d like to participate.